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Warehouse Identification

Personnel in charge of stock storage and handling will understand that correct labelling is key to warehouse efficiency. Putting in place efficient warehouse identification is the only way to ensure stock is easily identifiable when it needs to be accessed. Warehouse identification also helps to ensure the smooth operation of stock storage spaces, allowing warehouse managers to easily direct deliveries to designated areas as well as offering an opportunity to ensure that areas covered by health and safety legislation are properly identified as such to help ensure compliance by all staff, clients and visitors using the premises.

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Warehouse ID Buying Guide

Putting a proper warehouse identification plan in place is the way to ensure there is appropriate organisation within a retail or industrial storage space. Creating an appropriately organised warehouse space using our range of warehouse identification products helps improve the efficiency and productivity of warehouse spaces, as well as creating a work area compliant with relevant health and safety legislation.

Our range of warehouse identification items includes everything you will need to design and demarcate a fully functioning and efficient stock storage space.

Choose from a selection of self-adhesive label holders, magnetic frames and magnetic racking strips to help designate areas for different types of stock and to ensure that items stored within your space are clearly marked. We also have a range of bay markers that can be used to clearly mark off non-shelved space for larger volume deliveries.

We supply a selection of lettered bay markers that are easily identified both by those responsible for placing and storing stock deliveries, and those tasked with picking items from stores for use or retail.

Items that complete our comprehensive warehouse identification range include a selection of document and ticket pouches, which are mountable for ease of access, clip holders for identification labels to be added to warehouse shelving units, and stock indicators including stock sliders and level indication wheels – both of which can be used to give an at-a-glance indication of stock levels helping to keep ordering up to date.

We also provide a wide range of items designed to help ensure warehouse spaces are always in full compliance with the relevant health and safety legislation. Use our hazard signs to warn of areas where forklifts may be in operation, and our health and safety signs that prompt workers to use the correct personal protection equipment while working within your warehouse space.
Our access awareness signs can help to make it clear which areas are off limits to members of the public, helping to reduce the risk of injury to those unaware of your warehouse working practices. We also have a large selection of fire safety signs including fire exit signs for use in the warehouse.

Those in charge of warehouse design may also wish to use some of our graphic floor markers to further designate to intended usage of this space – with designs available to help show where forklift trucks are likely to be in operation as well as markers designating warehouse speed limits for vehicles.

Workers in the warehouse area can be prompted to comply with safety rules and regulations by our products which include PPE Signs and access awareness markers.