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Lock & Key Security

Need help? Need help? Which lock should you use? Many workplaces have important materials or information that needs to be kept secure. You may also have hazardous chemicals or flammable liquids that need to be kept under lock and key to protect both the general public as well as employees. Any business that deals in such substances must keep them secure in order to comply with health and safety regulations. Items may be securely stored in cupboards or cabinets, or you may need to secure a whole office. In either case, sturdy locks and keys are required, as the loss of sensitive information may result in the business suffering financially.

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Personal Security Equipment and Key Cabinets

Most businesses possess materials and information that needs to be kept secure. Losing sensitive information can damage a business’s competitiveness and affect customer confidence, which will in turn have a negative impact on the business. Premises may also have dangerous equipment or materials that should only be handled by authorised personnel, so securing these items is of great importance. However, it is not just materials or equipment that needs to be kept secure; keys themselves require safeguarding. Mechanical Key Cabinets are high security cabinets that have around 8,000 different changeable combinations. The cabinet is sturdily built, easy to open with a push and turn knob, and comes with an automatic locking system. Inside, colour coded key tags, key rings and numbers help keep track of individual keys. The stainless steel buttons on the outside of the cabinet have been designed to show no signs of usage so that the combination cannot be guessed. The mechanical operation of the cabinet means that it requires no batteries or wiring, and it features three types of locking systems: push button, electronic combination and mechanical combination.

The Keylex 800 Combination Door Lock combines the advantage of the security of mortice deadlocking with keyless access. The system is entirely mechanical and provides over 4,000 possible locking combinations that guard against the threat of copied or lost keys. The mechanism is sufficiently robust to permit hundreds of operations every day, whilst code changing remains simple and can be done in just a few minutes. The mechanism is suitable for either narrow-style doors or aluminium sections. The lever may be operated from either side of the door.

Padlocks are an easy way of securing storage areas or areas that contain sensitive information. Businesses may need to seal offices that contain sensitive equipment, or there may be on-site equipment that needs to be secured in order to prevent theft. Padlocks can be used to discourage robbery or prevent equipment from being used if, for instance, the equipment requires repair or its operation is limited to authorised personnel only. High Performance Steel Padlocks are ideal even for the harshest of industrial environments. The 5-pin precision-machined cylinder gives the padlock superior tamper resistance. The padlock can be keyed in several different ways. It may be keyed the same or keyed differently with a master key. The material of the padlock has been specially treated to make it resistant to rust, it is tempered steel which makes it difficult to cut the padlock, giving extra security. In addition, the key is retained in the lock if it is open, making sure that no unauthorised personnel can get hold of it to create a copy or steal it to use later.

Security Seals

As well as keeping items secure, security tags have other uses, especially when it comes to shipping. Whether a business is relocating an entire office of contents or simply transporting a few goods around the country, ensuring items remain safe during transit is always a concern. For high value goods, a business may choose to use a security service, but in other cases, a low cost but effective system may be used instead to ensure that goods or materials are not tampered with whilst in transit. Plastic seals are a simple solution to this problem. When materials are being transported, it is often necessary to seal and tag crates or bags. This enables the person at the other end to know instantly upon arrival if the crate or bag has been tampered with en-route. Security Seals are ideal for this type of application. These thin plastic seals are easy to add to storage containers and have a simple pull-up polypropylene seal with a tear line. Most of the tags that we provide have a seven-digit serial number that can be used to provide an audit trail. Sensitive information such as documents may be sealed and easily tracked using the serial numbers.


I need to transport documents. How can I be sure that they have not been tampered with whilst in transit?

We offer Document Storage Boxes which along with our security seals provide complete peace of mind that your documents will remain secure during transit.

On our worksite, we have tools that we wish to keep secure. I need something stronger than a normal padlock. What is available?

You may want to consider High Performance Steel Padlocks which offer good security for sheds and workshops. Tool lockers and cabinets also offer excellent security.

At our workplace, we have areas which require restricted access and we have a number of keys. Do you have anything suitable for storing keys securely?

Mechanical Key Cabinets are an ideal way of storing keys securely.

I need to control access to an office. Is there a simple and cost-effective way of doing this?

The Keylex 800 Combination Door Lock provides both security and ease of use. It also guards against lost or stolen keys.