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Burn Relief Equipment

Need help? Need help? Find out more about different burns relief equipment Outfitting your workplace with first aid supplies is one of the easiest and most important ways you can help ensure the health and safety of your employees. The Health and Safety Executive require this provision, but it is also important for the peace of mind of workers, as well as for their health should they have an accident at work. We have a wide range of first aid supplies, all of which can help ensure health and safety regulations are adhered to.

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Choosing Burns Equipment

You don’t have to be working in an environment with a high risk of fire to burn yourself while at work, which is why we carry a range of burn relief equipment suitable for all businesses. Burns can occur in just about any situation and are likely if your workplace has an on-site kitchen where scalding from boiled water or a burn from the toaster could cause a nasty injury. If this sounds like something that could – or has – occurred in your workplace, then one very easy and simple thing you can do is stock your first aid kit with burn relief products. Along with ensuring your business is fully stocked with the appropriate burn relief equipment, it is important to make certain that you also have an understanding of how to support your workers and visitors if the situation arises. Take a look at our ‘How to Handle First Aid for Burns in 13 Easy Steps’ page to protect your business with confidence.

Burn relief products come in various types and sizes, with gels and wipes being one very popular way to treat small burns. BurnSoothe Gel provides almost immediate relief for minor burns and will help relieve pain and increase the comfort of the burn victim immeasurably. It is non-toxic and sterile as well as very easy to use; simply apply to the affected area of the skin. This burn relief gel also helps stop the spread of any contaminant.

For burn injuries that are more serious you should consider using Advanced Hydrogel Burn Plasters, which provide burn relief and act as a plaster all in one easy application. The use of these plasters helps speed up the healing process and because the plaster protects the skin, it can prevent contamination of the wound. The plasters are very adhesive, which helps them stick to the skin as needed, but will not cause further pain when being removed. Having a few of these plasters in your first aid kit ensures you have an immediate way to deal with any burns that occur in the workplace, treating them swiftly and effectively.

Another form of burn relief equipment that is easy to use and highly effective is individually wrapped burn dressings. Both CoolTherm Dressings and BurnSoothe Dressings provide immediate pain relief from burns or scalds, with the CoolTherm Dressings providing instructions for medics when assessing the burn area. BurnSoothe Dressings can be used by anyone and don’t require cooling, so they can easily be stored in just about any first aid kit. To use properly and to ensure the dressing stays in place, these dressings are best used with the aid of conforming bandages, which can be found in our bandages and tape section.

Make sure your first aid supplies are up to scratch and the best they can possibly be by stocking up with burn relief equipment, just in case the worst should happen and any workers or visitors happen to burn themselves while on your premises.