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Anti-Fatigue Mats

In many industries staff are required to be on their feet all day, either in a static location or moving around the workplace. This can understandably lead to worker fatigue, which has been proven to have a detrimental influence on the health of workers.

Installing anti-fatigue matting in areas such as warehouses, assembly lines and workshops will reduce risk and keep staff comfortable for longer. With a range of options available from single polyurethane mats to tiles for larger areas, having the correct flooring in place will have a huge impact on productivity in your workplace. To find out more about the benefits of anti-fatigue matiing and how to choose the right solution for you, read our buying guide below.

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Fatigue Mats: Buying Guide

To many businesses it can often seem that anti-fatigue matting is a “nice-to-have” addition to the workplace rather than a necessity, however this is not the case.

An in-depth experiment into the benefits of anti-fatigue matting found that many of the issues associated with standing for long periods on hard floors such as MSDs (musculoskeletal disorders) and problems with foot and lower limb health can be offset by using appropriate flooring.

The study, conducted at Loughborough University, had 14 participants stand on a variety of matting placed on concrete slabs for 90 minute periods. At the end of this time various factors including calf measurements and temperature were checked. The results showed significant benefits to those who used anti-fatigue matting over those that stood on a bare concrete floor. It was concluded that over the course of a full day benefits from using anti-fatigue matting would be increased further.

In addition, mats also prevent accidents due to slips and trips, especially if substances such as oil or water are present.

Padded Floor Mats and Anti- Fatigue Tiles for All Locations

When installing anti-fatigue flooring, examine which areas are most likely to need coverage and determine whether mats for smaller areas or tiles to cover larger spaces will be required.

Single mat options include:

  • Standard Anti-Fatigue Mats - These are designed to provide comfortable anti-slip floor covering in those areas of the workplace where the most traffic occurs. The mats are available in a variety of sizes and, for additional safety, can be supplied with an optional bright safety edge. They are ideal for use in picking and packing areas or manufacturing locations and conform to slip resistance regulations.

  • Economy Ribbed Anti-Fatigue Mats - These are a cost-effective way of reducing staff fatigue in the workplace. Perfect for placing at workstations, these provide a comfortable, anti-slip floor covering for smaller areas. The matting is constructed from closed-cell PVC foam and the ribbed surface gives extra grip if there is oil or water on the matting.

In areas such as warehouses you will most likely be looking to cover more space. In these instances tiles can be used to fit your exact requirements.

  • Standard Anti-Fatigue Tiles - These can be supplied in solid or mesh form making them perfect for a wide range of environments. The solid tiles are thick enough to cover minor irregularities in floor surfaces while the “hidden” interlocking edges provide a neat finish. Mesh tiles are especially suited to locations where liquids are present and resistant to oil and grease.

  • Deck Plate Connect Anti-Fatigue Matting - Available as either centre tiles or corner/row end pieces, these mats can be joined together to create bespoke configurations. They are ideal for running along assembly or production lines and can be used to cover large spaces quickly. The interlocking tiles are easy to clean and provide effective underfoot cushioning.