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Photoluminescent Fire Exit Signs

Need help? Need help? Is Photoluminescence worth it? Low-Cost Photoluminescent Fire Exit Signs, ISO Compliant

Photoluminescent Fire Exit Signs are an essential part of every fire plan for businesses due to their illuminating coating. Placing glow in the dark fire exit signs around your workplace will contribute towards a safer and more efficient escape in the event of a fire.
Everything you need to know regarding our premium and long-life range along with how it can improve your business is on our Photoluminescent Signs and Safety Guidance Systems page, be sure to check it out.

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What are Photoluminescent Exit Signs?

Photoluminescent exit signs are just like any other exit signs but are made with a long-lasting Photoluminescent coating allowing them to charge using natural lighting throughout the daytime and glow when in a low-light situation such as a blackout or fire when heavy smoke is clouding the room.

Do Fire Exit signs have to be photoluminescent?

Fire Exit signs do not have to be photoluminescent however due to requirements that are governed by both OSHA and The NFPA, every sign should be suitably illuminated via a reliable source of light, and there must be at least 1.5 hrs. of emergency light if the building lighting fails. In addition, these standards require the exit signs to be readily visible during employee occupancy of an establishment or a building. The OSHA standard requires the signs to be illuminated with a reliable light source giving a value of 5 footcandles on the illuminated surface. Also, it requires that internally illuminated exit signs be provided in all occupancies where reduction of normal illumination is permitted.
Furthermore, signs do have to be properly illuminated with the word "Exit" in legible letters no smaller than six inches high. Additionally, the main stroke of the letter should be 3/4 inch wide in order to further follow the regulations.

What are the advantages of having photoluminescent fire exit signs?

One of the top advantages of having Photoluminescent emergency exit signs in your business is that they allow you to keep everyone safe whilst also making your job a little bit easier. They will never fail in a low-light situation allowing you to solely focus on the health and safety of those in the building.
Their glow lasting up to 48 hours in a blackout environment without having to rely on any electrical power or emergency backup system, will allow you enough time to leave the building safely and efficiently.