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Home Fire Extinguishers

Need help? Need help? What are the best home fire extinguishers? UK’s Best Home Fire Extinguishers - Fast Delivery

With our home fire extinguishers you will be able to defend your home from fire. Your home is at risk of fire but there are easy things you can do to protect yourself and your family from catastrophe. We supply a complete range of fire extinguishers to store in your kitchen, garage and living spaces ready for when fire occurs.

We have crafted a complete range of fire extinguishers for you that are ideal for use in the home. We have convenient easy-to-use home sized versions of wet chemical, ABC powder and compact fire extinguishers.

By ensuring you have the best and most suitable home fire extinguishers, and through careful planning, you will be prepared to tackle any fire emergency the home can throw at you!

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The Dangers of Fire in Your Home

According to home office statistics there were 36,283 dwelling fires in the UK in 2018/19, with 316 fire related deaths and on average there are 200 deaths per year due to fire in households.

Cooking appliances accounted for 2340 of those fire incidents with smoking appliances and electrical equipment coming in at 459 and 397 respectively.

According to statistics, 67% of dwelling fires were caused by human error with 25% caused by non-human factors such as faulty appliances, fuel and faulty leads.

You want to protect your home as much as you possibly can. Fire can have a devastating effect on any building. Unfortunately, in any home in the UK, there are numerous things that could start a fire. From kitchen pans left on absent-mindedly to oils spilled in the garage and faulty electrics sparking. There are some areas that will be more prone to fire than others and it is a good idea to concentrate on those first, ensuring that they can be dealt with in the event that a fire occurs.

By installing fire alarms throughout the house, you will have ample time to evacuate, should the worst occur. However, if the fire is small enough, you will be able to tackle it yourself. Obviously, this is advised only if you are able to confidently extinguish the fire. If you are unsure or if the blaze has reached an unmanageable level, then it is best to leave it for the fire brigade to tackle.

But what are the best ways to ensure your home is fully covered for any fire emergency?

Complete fire safety coverage for your home

Every home has to have fire alarms by law. These are essential pieces of safety equipment and have saved countless lives. You will undoubtedly already have fire alarms installed at your home; however, we offer not only a full range of high-quality fire alarms but other detection hardware you may not have considered. Heat Detectors function in many of the same ways as smoke alarms, but where they differ is in their method of detection.

Sometimes it is not enough to have only smoke alarms installed. Some fires, especially those in the kitchen or garage, are more likely to be first detected due to their heat rather than the smoke they output and in the event of fire, you will want as much advance warning as possible. We recommend using these in concert with traditional smoke alarms to have full coverage.
Another major piece of equipment you will need is a Carbon Monoxide Detector. This odourless gas is a killer, with gas fireplaces and central heating systems being the most likely places that a leak could occur. For this reason, it is best to install them on the wall, at least five feet from the ground near gas fires and garages.

Having a fire alarm system installed in your home as well as keeping fire extinguishers where they can be easily accessed will ensure you will be ready to tackle fires before they get out of hand.

Kitchen fire extinguishers

Due to this area of the home being possibly the most prone to fire, we have created an entire category dedicated to Kitchen Fire Extinguishers. If nothing else, it would be essential to have a fire extinguisher in your kitchen, these are often compact and can be kept in a kitchen cupboard until needed. Oil fires grow out of control extremely quickly so being able to deal with them instantly is essential.

The Best Fire Extinguishers for Your Home

Top 3 home fire extinguishers

1. Wet Chemical Fire Extinguisher – An essential for any household. These extinguishers are rated for class A, B and F fires, meaning that they are designed specially to deal with oil fires, the kind of fires you are most likely to experience in the kitchen. Keeping these in an easily accessible place in your kitchen will enable you to make short work of oil fires before they get out of control.

2. Compact Foam Fire Extinguisher – An excellent choice for storing in the garage as this extinguisher can take care of class A and B fires. This extinguisher is designed to be small and easily stored, it is ideal to keep in a location that will most likely contain household waste, cardboard, paper, wood and flammable liquids. It is a good general extinguisher and will take care of small fires that use some of the most common fuels.

3. ABC Powder Fire Extinguisher – An ABC extinguisher is a fantastic all round and versatile means of tackling most types of fires likely to happen in the home. As the name suggests, this extinguisher is rated to tackle class A, B and C fires as well as electrical fires. These extinguishers are so useful that they are found almost everywhere, in offices, warehouses, homes and schools. A truly versatile piece of fire safety equipment.

Having domestic fire extinguishers stored in strategic locations in your home will ensure that you will be ready for fire emergencies. See our full range of Fire Extinguisher Accessories and Equipment for all of your extinguisher display and storage needs. Remember, even simple household waste such as cardboard is fuel for fire. You may think it could never happen to you, and hopefully it never will, but being prepared will ensure a possibly life-threatening event never happens.