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Warning Signs

Need help? Need help? Which hazards need signage? Nobody wants accidents to happen on their premises and having the right warning signs in place will help to make people aware of when to take caution. We’ve got a wide range of these signs that are highly visible and a simple way to issue an instruction. So, if you want to make sure you comply with health and safety regulations it’s worth taking a look.

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Emergency Signs in the Workplace

There are frequent hazards are in the workplace. These can include moving vehicles, machinery, sudden drops and deep water. Providing clear warnings for these is good health and safety practice and will help to reduce the incidence of workplace accidents. Warning signs are a simple but effective product that can alert everyone on the site to the presence of hazards.

Warning everyone on your premises of the presence of a hazard is a legal obligation and covered by UK and EU safety regulations. Sometimes it may be difficult to feel certain that you have fulfilled your obligations, with regards to ensuring you have complied with all safety mandates. You can rest assured that all of our signs comply with current health and safety rules.

Universally Understood Warnings

Our warning signs all feature the well-known hazard triangle with a border. Inside the triangle is either an exclamation mark or a pictogram representing the specific hazard. Underneath, the warning is spelled out in easy-to-read lettering. Combining these signs with our prohibition signs and mandatory signs so that more information is conveyed for specific work environments, communicates to your employees that you are safety conscious. For your convenience, some of our warning signs are multi-message and feature prohibition signs incorporated into them.

The range of warning signs comes in a number of different materials, including aluminium, which will remain rust free, and vinyl, which is ideal for applying to curved surfaces. There are sign fixings available that will allow you to display your sign on virtually any surface. You also have a number of options for the finish of your chosen sign. Use a vandal-resistant finish to protect them from deliberate or accidental damage, or a reflective finish to increase night-time visibility.

For times when a temporary solution is required we have a range of floor stands that encompass many of the messages found in our other signs. With warning signs suitable for both internal and external use, the versatility of our range delivers signs to you for any situation.

However, with the vast number of different potential hazards, there could be circumstances where a more creative approach is required. In this instance, take advantage of our custom sign service. These signs will still comply with the health and safety regulations, and will display the pictogram and text that you require, chosen from a myriad of options.

Appropriate Management and Consideration of the Human Factor

Using warning signs will alert everyone to potential hazards on your premises and allow them to take the appropriate action to avoid or minimise the risks. To ensure that everyone knows how to modify their actions in the hazardous areas, we have an extensive range of signs. These will provide a wealth of information, from instructions of what safety gear to use, as found in our range of general protective clothing and face protection signs, to actions that must or must not be carried out in those areas, such as prohibition signs specifically dealing with machine safety.

While it is impossible to eliminate the risk of accidents completely, a good health and safety strategy can go a long way to significantly reducing that risk. Displaying sufficient, clear warning signs in hazardous areas is a valuable part of your strategy and can help protect assets and save lives.

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