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Providing a safe workplace where the risks of injuries are minimised as much as possible is essential to avoid prosecution under health and safety legislation. Dollies make it easy to transport items, protecting your work force against muscle strain or back injury. At Seton, we have a comprehensive selection of dollies to suit a wide variety of premises and our guide will help you choose a product.

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Dollies Buying Guide

Moving goods around premises is a frequent occupation in many companies and often they are too bulky or heavy to be comfortably done by hand so the need to transport stock and equipment around a warehouse or other site area is an issue for many companies. Dollies provide a simple but effective solution to this problem.

Placed on a dolly, even heavy items can be easily moved without the need for machinery or vehicles. Using a vehicle is an option, but this can be a costly method and is not always practical. Dollies are a simple and affordable method of moving items and they have a long history of usage in many industrial sectors including warehouses. Once loaded onto a dolly even a bulky item is easily moved without the risk of back injuries and strained muscles.

Some of the dollies in the range at Seton are designed to work in conjunction with other products. For instance we have a number of dollies designed for transporting Cylinder Bins. This makes it easier to transport a number of smaller objects as they can be placed inside the bins which are secured in place.

Connect N’ Roll Dollies are a versatile product which allows you to create a dolly, where parts can be linked together to create the correct sized and shaped dolly suitable for your business.

All the dollies in the range at Seton are sturdily built and capable of coping well in demanding industrial environments. A limitation to dollies is often found when coming to a curb or small step. Fortunately, the problem is easily overcome with the use of ramps like the Kerb Hopper in our selection. You may also wish to provide additional protection when transporting goods, particularly if they are fragile or costly. For your convenience, we stock a range of Packing Boxes and Bubble Wrap to provide protection from unforeseen accidents.

The use of dollies will help make your site a more convenient place to work and will improve efficiency across the premises. By taking steps to guard against muscle strain and back injury, fewer days will be lost to staff absence and workplace morale will increase as staff recognise their health and safety is your top priority. With the range of safety products available at Seton, including dollies, improving safety, convenience and efficiency has never been so easy.