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Household & Garden Recycling Signs

Need help? Need help? Need some tips? Never make recycling mistakes again Premium Household & Garden Recycling Signs – UK’s Widest Selection

Many businesses are wisely making recycling a priority across their work premises. Whether your business involves retail outlets, offices or workshops and factories, recycling is an issue that you should pay attention to as a responsible and sustainable company. Depending on the type of business you run, you may need a variety of industry-specific recycling signage. However, almost all businesses produce some kind of general household waste, which also needs recycling.

To ensure that household and garden waste is recycled safely and efficiently in your workplace, it is essential that staff, contractors, customers and other visitors know how to comply with your company’s recycling policy. You can make this easier for everyone involved by simply using the right household waste recycling signs and placing them throughout your business premises in relevant locations.

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Why Should I Recycle?

For the best, safest and most responsible option for disposing of most household and garden waste, choose recycling. There are some differences in different parts of the UK, but most councils will collect a wide range of household waste, and recycling is generally encouraged whenever possible as an alternative to throwing household waste into a general waste bin. Recycling can not only protect the environment by keeping waste out of landfills but can also allow for a more sustainable economy overall, allowing materials to be reused, sometimes several times.

The Government-led Waste & Resources Action Programme (WRAP) is working to accelerate the move to a more sustainable, resource-efficient economy in the UK by implementing change around how products are designed, produced, consumed, re-used and recycled. It is an innovative initiative, and here at Seton, you will find that all our recycling signs support WRAP, with many bearing the widely used and highly recognisable ‘Recycle Now’ logo.

How do you Recycle Household and Garden Waste?

The UK Government website makes it easy to find out what your council collects for recycling and how this waste should be collected, separated and processed within your business. The site also has information on how to recycle specific items, such as mobile phones, computers and other electronic equipment, as well as green waste recycling and recycling options for the various packaging materials many businesses use.

You can also find out where your closest recycling centre is and what their policies are on the Recycle Now website, which has a handy search function allowing you to find out exactly how to dispose of a specific item.

It is also important to recycle garden waste. This is easy to do and highly valuable as most garden waste can be recycled into nutrient-rich compost. If you run a company that produces a large amount of garden waste, you will want to consider composting it for your own future use. Otherwise, you will have to arrange to deliver it to your local garden waste recycling facility or have it collected. Around 94% of local councils now collect garden waste, according to Recycle Now, although this will depend on the amount you are generating.

Which Household and Garden Waste can be Recycled?

An increasing number of ordinary household items can be recycled. This includes:

  • Paper and cardboard

  • Most plastics

  • Glass

  • Many types of packaging materials

  • Batteries

  • Light bulbs (including low-energy bulbs and fluorescent tubes)

  • Mobile phones and other electronic gadgets

  • Kettles, toasters and other small appliances

  • Large appliances such as refrigerators

For many items, you will find that recycling is not only the easiest option but perhaps the only one, as many items cannot be put in your general rubbish bin anyway.

The same is true of garden waste. It is possible to recycle:

  • Leaves

  • Plants

  • Hedge cuttings

  • Twigs and branches

  • Bark

  • Weeds

  • Grass cuttings

There is very little that cannot be recycled, so it is always worth checking before throwing any item you’re unsure about into your general rubbish bin.

What Household Recycling Signs do I Need?

The recycling signs you need for your business will depend on various factors. Placing clear and relevant recycling signage around your workplace will help inform and remind everyone of company policy, so you will want to place these signs around your various workspaces as well as in communal areas. This can be achieved by ensuring your signage follows the recycling sign logos from the ‘Recycle Now’ campaign that is run by the government.

Small businesses will obviously need fewer signs. Retail outlets, food outlets and other businesses where the general public are regularly on the premises can benefit from clear signage that customers cannot miss. You will also want to think about whether signs are needed indoors or outside and pick appropriate signs. Opt for durable, weather-proof options for your outside premises.

Making employees aware of your company recycling policy in their initial ad ongoing training is great, but reminding everyone of it on a daily basis can be as simple as providing and drawing attention to relevant recycling points, which can be done with the correct signage.

Where should Household Recycling Signs be Placed?

Recycling signs should be placed around all workspaces and communal areas to inform and remind your staff and customers of the company policy on waste disposal. Recycling labels for bins can be placed on any receptacles that are designated for specific types of household waste.

You should also think about the waste likely to be generated in each workspace. In a store room or packing room, you will likely need to have signs indicating where different types of packaging should be left for recycling. In office areas, you may need signage to draw workers’ attention to a station for recycling paper. You will also want specific kitchen recycling signs in kitchen areas to indicate food waste recycling bins, as well as signage to indicate where to put food containers or drinks cans.

Seton provides various convenient ways to secure your recycling signage in relevant positions around your workplace. See our range of sign fixings to choose the best solutions for your needs.

Best Household Waste Recycling Signs

The recycling signs you need will depend on your individual business and the activities you carry out, but here are some of our popular household waste recycling signs. Our recycling signs are available in a variety of sizes and materials, with many suitable for use indoors as well as outdoors.

Household Waste – WRAP Recycling Signs – These signs support the Government-led WRAP initiative and are available in either rigid plastic or vinyl in a variety of sizes.

Garden Waste – WRAP Yes Please/No Thanks Recycling Signs – These signs feature a clear visual and comprehensive list of exactly what can and cannot be included in your green waste recycling. They are suitable for outdoor use.

Mixed Paper and Card – WRAP Paper Waste Recycling Signs – Bright, bold and bearing the highly recognisable ‘Recycle Now’ logo, these signs also come in a variety of sizes, materials and fixings to suit your business premises and recycling needs.

If you have any questions about the type of household waste recycling signage you need in your workplace, please feel free to get in touch with our team of friendly experts. They are always happy to chat with you about your individual needs and requirements.