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Many workplaces are obliged to store products and paperwork in shelving units or cupboards that reach to the ceiling, so it’s vital to have solid, general-purpose steps for staff to access them. People often need to find items at a moment’s notice and move back and forth between shelves to obtain components. If this is the case, a set of mobile safety steps will be a necessity. This prevents the type of accidents that can take place if people overreach or lean on surfaces not capable of taking their weight.

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A Guide to Safety Steps

General-purpose steps are available in a range of shapes and sizes to suit your requirements. They are the perfect alternative to ladders, which may seem too large and bulky for the space you have available. General-purpose steps are also easier for most people to use. In an office where records are stored in or on high units, safety steps will enable staff to reach them without any personal risk. Similarly, in libraries and schools where books are situated out of reach due to space limitations, a set of general-purpose steps can make them as easy to grab as those at eye level. Our safety step-ups will give any user a little extra height when they need to perform a quick task, such as changing a light bulb, or searching for an item. Despite their compact size, these steps are perfectly suited for industrial environments and can withstand a wide range of temperatures.

As the name suggests, equipment such as the premium mobile steps can be moved around your site with ease, making them ideal for use in a variety of locations. Their dome-covered castors retract when weight is applied, providing incredible stability. Extra long handrails and rubber treads minimise the risk of falls or slips.

If your site requires occasional working at height for light-duty purposes such as accessing high shelves in storerooms or kitchens, a kick step will provide the support you need. Our steel kick steps are lightweight and can be moved around as required.

For prolonged spells of working at height you might need extra space in which to perform tasks. Access platforms offer additional room for increased safety. They also allow tools and equipment to be kept at hand, minimising the need to descend and reascend repeatedly.

With so many methods of working from height to choose from, the selection can sometimes seem bewildering. Our range of steps and stools features designs that work in all environments so we are confident we have the right set for your needs. For more information, click on Live Chat to speak with a member of our team.