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Emergency Blankets

Need help? Need help? What is the purpose of an emergency blanket? Medical Grade UK-Rated Emergency Blankets, Fast Delivery

An emergency blanket can be the difference between life and death after accidents, especially in extremely cold environments and where victims are suffering from shock and other ailments. We have a range of blankets that will keep you, your employees or your family warm and mitigate the risks posed by the elements when outdoors. Our cotton blanket is especially useful for keeping patients cosy and content at night, while the aluminium set is ideal for insulation and could be packed into a car or carried in a bag to ensure you are ready to save a life at any time. Have a look at our guide to blankets.

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Emergency Survival Blanket Buying Guide

Emergency blankets are usually used during emergencies to keep a person warm and to reduce heat loss caused by environmental factors, such as water evaporation and thermal radiation. When you use it first on the scene, an emergency blanket can act as a real lifesaver and can also act as a soothing influence on an individual, keeping them calm and safe until further aid arrives while also helping them with shock and other after-effects of an emergency.

The collection of Emergency Foil Blankets is designed to protect people from the elements, such as wind and rain. With both adult and child-sized blankets, you can cater to every individual. The design incorporates aluminium foil to keep patients dry due to its reflective properties. Conserving body heat is of paramount importance following an accident, and these blankets will ensure that a victim has every means of keeping warm before the administration of additional first aid. It is also vital for protection against the risks of hypothermia, which occurs when the body loses heat faster than it can generate it. Common symptoms of hypothermia include shivering, slurred speech, numb hands and joints, and pale skin.

These emergency blankets are ideal for any survival or emergency situation and can be applied quickly and easily from the holdall style bag. The bag features reflective strips so that it remains highly visible in all conditions. The hand-carry case also means you can take it to sporting events and other outdoor activities where there are risks of accidents and injuries. This item would be perfect alongside our range of First Aid Kits and is a vital component in any first responder aid provisions.

For a more premium emergency blanket, try our Cotton First Aid Blanket, which is perfect for keeping patients warm in testing conditions. This item is woven from high-quality washable cotton and features a cellular design to trap air and protect individuals from cold weather, wind and rain. The blanket is light and comfortable and will act as a soothing presence in the aftermath of an emergency. A hemmed edge completes its premium quality. Like our other blankets, this cotton offering is versatile and its multi-purpose design allows you to use it anywhere at any time of the day or night.

Emergency blankets are an often-overlooked component of first aid, but it is vital that you prepare for unforeseen accidents and emergencies by stocking up on appropriate blankets. Both the foil aluminium and cotton blankets will be sufficient for any occasion and can also double up as additional cover and heating when camping or on any other expedition. They are also cost-effective, durable and environmentally friendly, with the aluminium set also being disposable.

Emergency Blankets FAQs

Choosing the right emergency blankets

There are a number of factors and needs to consider when choosing between emergency blankets. The HSE provides a number of helpful guidelines for choosing the right emergency response materials, including emergency blankets, in their comprehensive guide to Planning for Incidents and Emergencies. Depending on the type of hazards or potential emergencies considered, you can choose between the foil blankets and cotton first aid blankets. Cotton first aid blankets are ideal for keeping individuals warm and comforted who have experienced a shock or emergency. Our foil blankets are more suited to emergency situations in which individuals may experience adverse weather conditions or cold. The foil blankets will help to retain body heat and ward off the risk of hypothermia, while also keeping off wind and rain. These blankets are perfect for first aid situations, survival, and for individuals who are in shock following an incident.

Depending on the scale of the worksite, event or need, you can purchase the foil blankets in bulk bags which carry one hundred foil blankets. The bulk bags of 100 blankets contain 80 adult blankets and 20 child blankets. These bulk bags can be easily stowed away for convenience and the individual blanket packs can be added to first aid kits, backpacks or vehicle equipment packs, without taking up much space.

Do emergency blankets really work?

It is understandable that some people may be incredulous of emergency blankets and question their effectiveness. However, the response to the question of “do emergency blankets keep you warm?” is yes, they really do work and keep you warm. How emergency blankets work is that there is a thin metal sheet, within the foil blanket which ensures that roughly 90% of your own body heat is retained. Normally, all of this heat would be radiated out, and lost.

What are emergency blankets made of?

Seton carries two different emergency survival blankets, which are made of different materials. Our Cotton First Aid Blanket is made from high-quality, washable cotton and its cellular design is meant to trap air. This makes it the ideal first aid blanket as it will warm and comfort patients who are in distress. These emergency warm blankets are sold separately for ease of use.

A great option for emergency survival blankets are the Emergency Foil Blankets Seton offers. These disposable blankets are ideal emergency rescue blankets as they protect against rain and wind and can protect people from the risk of hypothermia. For this reason, they are also great emergency blankets for camping, as an added cautionary measure.