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Life Buoys & Housing

Health and safety is always important no matter what industry you are in, but when it comes to water there are so many dangers that it really does have to take priority. If you are running a marina, looking after beach areas or have a boat, then lifebuoys and their housing are essential pieces of water safety equipment that you cannot do without. There are different options depending upon the circumstances and the location, and there are also plenty of different sizes to choose from. Keeping everyone safe while they are working around water or just visiting your workplace has never been easier.

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Importance Of Lifebuoy Housing / Lifebuoy Buying Guide

Being able to see the lifebuoys clearly is very important and for beach and marina areas, the post-mounted lifebuoy housing is ideal. There are options for different sizes of lifebuoy and you can choose to have these either with or without reflective tape, depending upon whether or not you believe that people will need to have access when it is dark. The post mounted housing for the lifebuoys is made from very strong polyethylene, which allows it to withstand even the most extreme weather conditions. You can also add an optional front cover, which will help to keep the lifebuoy protected from the elements. The base plate for the posts can be either surface mounted or can be fixed below the surface using concrete.

If you choose the lifebuoys that have reflective tape, they come with an optional floating lifeline that stretches for around 30 metres; this is an additional safety factor. The tape means the lifebuoy can be seen in the dark because it will reflect the light of torches, allowing people to see where it is kept. This is a particularly good idea for those areas where people are regularly around water during the hours of darkness. People do have problems when swimming at the beach or in inland open water late at night. Having the right safety equipment in place means you have a better chance of helping someone that gets into difficulties while swimming or has fallen into the water.

The floating lifeline that can be attached to the lifebuoys is bright orange, which means it can easily be seen by those who need to grab it. Attaching one of these to the lifebuoy can help to you to take control of an emergency as soon as it happens and gives you more control over the outcome. The line is designed not to kink and they are UV stabilised.

Another option is the encapsulated floating lifeline. You can attach the floating lifeline to this and it can be placed and stored right in the centre of the lifebuoy so you don’t need to find additional storage options for it. The length of the floating lifeline will depend upon the size of the lifebuoy so if you are not sure it is a good idea to seek advice in advance before you make your purchase.

Safety equipment such as this is the best way to ensure that you have the ability to help people and possibly save lives when problems occur. They are easily installed and will be there when and if you need them.