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Mobile Rubbish Containers

Keeping your premises clean, tidy and free of health and safety hazards can be a tall order, especially if you have a large number of people coming and going throughout the day. However, poor levels of hygiene can threaten the health of staff and visitors, and litter can obstruct fire exits and attract vermin, so it’s crucial to devise a way of managing it which works for your business.
One easy and effective way to encourage responsible rubbish disposal on-site is by providing employees and customers with several litter outlets; placing Mobile Rubbish Containers around your property.

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Choosing Mobile Rubbish Containers

Maintaining hygiene on-site is a continuing and crucial job. Poor levels of sanitation and hygiene can harbour potentially hazardous bacteria, making people ill or attracting vermin to your premises. The best way to keep abreast of this issue is to provide plenty of bins – inside and out – in which to responsibly dispose of waste. Making these facilities accessible, visible and plentiful on-site reminds staff and visitors to use them, in turn keeping things tidier and minimising health & safety risks caused by obstructing corridors, walkways and fire exits.

What Options Are Available To Me?

Mobile Rubbish Containers are great for indoor or outdoor use. Their versatility and ease of use when it comes to moving and maintaining them onsite is second-to-none; making cleaning a breeze. Our Curver Mobile Containers help you collect and transport rubbish quickly and efficiently – great for doing a quick rubbish whip-round at the end of the day. This model also comes with a choice in the colour of lid that allows you to separate different kinds of waste promoting recycling. Our Round, Heavy Duty Containers are extremely durable and capable of dealing with heavy loads, making them ideal for use in warehouses or factories.

Take a look at our full range of outdoor bins.

What Other Kinds Of Bins Are Useful For Business Owners?

Dog Waste Bins are an extremely worthwhile investment if your premises are based in an area where people like to walk their dogs. Making these bins visible and accessible encourages walkers to use them, rather than leaving their pet’s waste on the ground, which is unhygienic and poses a risk to public health.
Recycling Bins are an important part of waste disposal and separation, ensuring that your business does its bit for the environment. Here at Seton, we offer a wide range of Recycling Options, such as our Economy Recycling Bins, which make waste separation on a budget extremely accessible – or perhaps our Stackable Recycling Bins that are useful if you’re low on storage space . It’s often useful to provide staff and visitors with Recycling Signage to make it clear what can and can’t be recycled within the facilities available, and what goes where.

Cigarette Bins provide smokers with a place to safely and easily dispose of the cigarette ends. If you have a designated smoking area within your premises, installing one of these outdoor bins will help keep the area tidy.

Floor Rubbish Bins are one of the most commonly utilised kinds of litter disposal within businesses, thanks to their affordability and ease of installation, cleaning and maintenance. Models such as our great value, classic Dustbin are perfect for use in and outdoors, with a clip on lid to keep rubbish out of sight and away from vermin.