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School First Aid Kits

Need help? Need help? Get exactly the right first aid kit for your school First aid kits tailor-made for schools and education

Schools have a legal obligation to provide first aid to on-site personnel. Bumps, bruises, cuts and grazes are an everyday reality in educational environments due to the active nature of young children and the recreational activities they participate in. It is essential that you have the first aid supplies at hand to deal with these injuries. We have a range of kits that feature a variety of products to ensure that you are equipped to treat common ailments in classrooms, in the playground and even when out and about on school trips. Our kits include everything you will need to administer first aid effectively, and some even contain colourful items to keep youngsters happy in times of distress.

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Choosing School And Childcare First Aid Kits

It is recommended that schools keep appropriate first aid supplies, not only to treat pupils and staff, but also visitors. It is suggested that special allowances are made to cover these individuals when assessing risks and determining the first aid solutions required. Seton has a range of first aid supplies suited to different environments, whether a small nursery or larger college or university.

The Childcare First Aid Kits are tailored for pre-schools, nurseries and childminders. These packages provide essential first aid items to clean and patch cuts and grazes caused by slips, trips and falls in the playground. All are compliant with childcare legal obligations, so you can be sure that you are providing the necessary safety net for young children and they can get the assistance they need with injuries immediately. The Childcare First Aid Kits are stored in a robust, durable and hygienic case that is also resistant to environmental elements, such as water, dust and debris. This product is lightweight, with a child-friendly design, featuring curved edges and a small handle for easy transportation. An integral wall bracket also makes it easy to store this kit in a visible and convenient place in the schoolroom.

You can supplement the Childcare First Aid Kits with our vast catalogue of first aid supplies suited for schools, such as stations and bags. These can easily be restocked with many of the First Aid Kit Refills available across our site.

We also have a Playground First Aid Kit for first responders reacting to accidents at school. This compact package includes all the essentials for on-the-spot treatment, such as cleansing wipes, bandages and washproof plasters. Accidents within school grounds are an unfortunate but common occurrence, so it is important that you have the necessary items to deal with incidents in a quick and efficient manner. The Playground First Aid kit comes in a comfortable bag with a quick-release clasp for easy access and a zip compartment for storing items. It is designed to allow staff to respond immediately following an accident, and its compact design enables you to store it away ready for use.

The importance of educating children about basic first aid principles cannot be overstated. We have a First Aid Guide Leaflet that acts as a quick reference in emergencies and offers advice about common injuries and how to treat them. It will also give staff a brief refresher on what to do when a child has been injured.

Frequently asked questions

How many first aid kits are required in a school?

You may be wondering: how many first aid kits should a school have? This is an important question to consider when deciding how many school first aid kits you need to purchase. The Department for Education and Employment outlines all of the UK guidelines for first aid in schools, including information on responsibility for accidents, how to perform a proper risk assessment of an educational establishment, required first aider training and qualifications for employees, first aid materials and reporting guidelines, along with other topics.

According to the guidelines, every school should have at least one fully stocked first aid kit or bag. The guidelines stipulate that additional first aid kits will be needed for playgrounds, distant sports fields or any other areas that are deemed high risk after a full risk assessment. Our range of Sports First Aid Kits are designed specifically for outdoor pursuits, so may also be useful in helping to meet requirements.

What are the requirements for school transport?

The Department for Education and Employment also lists specific guidelines for public service vehicles, including minibuses and larger buses being used by schools. With regards to school bus first aid kit requirements, all vehicles must carry a first aid container with antiseptic wipes, bandages, eye pads, safety pins, scissors and dressings. For more information about the best kinds of first aid kits for school buses, and more detailed information about the types of materials required in such kits, you can refer to the Department’s guidance on first aid for schools. British Standard Vehicle First Aid Kits are designed for buses, but you will likely need more than one depending on the risk assessment. Seton’s School Trip First Aid Kit meets and even exceeds the British Standard (BS 8599-1) for such first aid kits and is also a great option for when students are on the bus or on a school trip but again, the number needed may vary for each trip.

What should a school first aid kit contain?

The contents of school first aid box will vary depending on whether they are designed for use in the school itself, on the playground, sports fields or on school trips. However, the typical school first aid kit contents check list includes:

  • A leaflet with information about how to respond to an accident or emergency

  • Adhesive dressings, wound dressings and triangular bandages

  • Sterile eye pads

  • Safety pins and a pair of disposable gloves

As it is a school’s responsibility to ensure that all first aid kits for school are fully stocked, it is important for schools to have refill materials, which can be used to restock the first aid kits after they are used. For this reason, all schools should maintain a school first aid kit check list, so that employees can keep track of exactly what needs to be restocked.

Are there specific kinds of school first aid kits?

You may be wondering if there are different types of first aid kits for children of different ages, for example first aid kits for childcare versus a primary school first aid kit.

With regard to childcare first aid kits, the 2006 Childcare Act created the EYFS, which issued a list of new health and safety qualifications that educators and childcare professionals need to meet. Seton has first aid kits for childcare centres, the Childcare First Aid Kits, which ensure that childcare centres are compliant with all UK child care regulations and legal obligations. This is also a great first aid kit for school classroom or as a primary school first aid kit.

In addition to Seton’s Childcare First Aid Kits, another important first aid kit for primary school is Seton’s Playground First Aid Kit. Not only does this first aid kit satisfy legal obligations, but it is also small and very portable, making it easy for staff to carry with them to the playground and to respond to accidents quickly.