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Risk Assessment Guides

Carrying out risk assessments is an important part of health and safety compliance within the workplace, and employers have a duty to ensure they are properly conducted at all times. Providing managers and staff with adequate risk assessment guidance can help ensure that risk assessment is in keeping with the demands of health and safety legislation, which is why the Seton range comprises a selection of risk assessment guides to explain and inform on proper risk assessment practice within the workplace. Our handy guides help workers to confidently navigate the risk assessment process, helping to promote better health and safety practice.

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Risk Management Process: Buying Guide

Health and safety legislation demands that employers correctly identify and account for risks that could pose a danger to workers, customers and visitors, leading to the need for comprehensive risk assessments in most workplaces.

While employers have a duty to identify and implement the relevant health and safety legislation, employees will often be expected to carry out the day-to-day management of health and safety situations, including conducting workplace risk assessments; a task that requires specific steps to be followed in order for health and safety demands to be met.

Our risk assessment guides are essential as instructional tools for employees likely to be charged with risk assessment duties within the workplace. Employers use our risk assessment guides as an initial tool for training workers in good risk assessment practice, as well as disseminating and displaying these risk assessment guidelines within the workplace for ease of reference during the conduct of risk assessment duties by workers.

All of the risk assessment guides in the Seton range are specifically designed to help guide employees through the expected risk assessment process, ensuring that they are able to adhere to best practice at every step of the required risk assessment.

These handy step-by-step risk assessment guides help workers with a responsibility in identifying and addressing workplace risks to work through this health and safety practice in a thorough and methodical way, to ensure that the assessment adequately serves its purpose when it comes to complying with health and safety regulations.

Steps covered by our range of risk assessment guides include the identification of potential workplace hazards, the identification of who could potentially be placed at risk by those hazards, the evaluation of all identified workplace risks and possible precautions that can help to mitigate these, as well as recording of findings and implementation. The guides also cover how to properly review and revise risk assessments as situations change.

Our dedicated risk assessment guides for workplace health and safety uses are available in both poster and wall chart formats, allowing for their prominent display in relevant areas within the workplace. The eye-catching guides use both visual (pictures and symbols) and verbal (written explanations) prompts to help promote best risk assessment practice.

Our posters and wall charts covering how to conduct and implement risk assessments should be clearly visible within the workplace, allowing staff to easily refer back to them as required.

Once risk assessments have been conducted and potential workplace pitfalls identified, the Seton range has all the health and safety equipment necessary to mitigate most identified risks and ensure health and safety compliance.