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Ear Bands

Having the right ear protection equipment is vital for employees in noisy workplaces. Quickly fitted into place and more secure than ear plugs alone, they are a great way to protect hearing. Your employees will find them easy to use, easy to remember, and yet never cumbersome. They are easy to slide down and wear around the neck when noise levels fall, or it is necessary to engage in conversation. We are confident that you can find a suitable ear band for your organisation here.

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Choosing Ear Bands

Smarter than corded ear plugs, yet without the bulk of ear muffs, ear bands are a practical solution to an increasingly common problem in the working world. As research makes it clear just how much damage exposure to high noise levels in working environments can do, especially in the long term, and more and more employers are realising they need to do something about it.

Advances in industry mean noisy workplaces are increasingly commonplace, but technological developments mean equipment like this is constantly improving to enable us to cope with them.

Our selection of products includes ear bands rated for a variety of noise levels, so you will need to consider precisely what the risks are for your employees and ensure your choice of product will provide them with adequate protection. As well as providing protection in noisy areas, ear bands can be useful in other working environments for individuals who need complete concentration and cannot afford to be distracted by background noise.

Because ear bands can be slipped on and off easily, resting comfortably around the neck, they are useful for situations in which employees are moving around a lot and going between normal and noisy environments. Our ear protection safety signs can help you to make it clear in which areas wearing ear protection is a mandatory health and safety requirement. The bright colours of many of ear band designs mean they can easily be spotted if they are dropped, even in dark environments like bars and nightclubs.

All the ear bands we stock are lightweight and can be comfortably worn under most kinds of head protection, though if you are using both you should check for fit before you invest in large volumes. They have differently-shaped ear plugs attached, so you can find something suitable for employees who find standard ear plugs uncomfortable. Their simple designs also make them easy to clean.

The ear bands in our selection vary in style but you should have no difficulty finding something that suits your brand and looks smart enough to wear even in your front office. This is ideal for staff members such as supervisors and managers who frequently move between offices and environments like factories and warehouses where noise can be a serious issue. Some ear bands can even be concealed underneath hair.

Given a choice of ear protection options, many employees prefer ear bands because they are less fiddly than ear plugs but are lighter and easier to wear than ear muffs, especially if they are unused to them. This means they are more likely to be used when they are supposed to be, so you can be confident your employees have all the ear protection they need.