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Fire-Resistant Storage

Workplace fires can cause substantial economic losses to businesses through damage to property and valuable goods. Storing away sensitive paper documents and computer media in Fire-Resistant Storage will ensure that they remain safe during a fire. We have a range of fire-resistant options that will allow you to store lever-arch files and other valuables in a safe and secure location, which will protect them from fire and prevent theft and physical damage. Our storage products will also help you to meet health and safety legislation.

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Fireproof Storage: Buying Guide

Installing fire-resistant products is beneficial to enterprises as it helps them to meet regulations for health and safety in the workplace and ensures that any sensitive documents, cash, valuables or potentially flammable products and substances are locked away securely and won’t perish during a fire.

Our Fire-Resistant Store Cabinets have been independently tested and certified to European standards, so you have the peace of mind knowing that important files will not be stolen or damaged. The cabinets have a fire-resistant material to protect goods at temperatures of up to 750 degrees Celsius for 30 minutes during a fire, and they are double-walled for extra security. This really is the ultimate solution for any business that requires safe, fire-resistant storage options in industrial environments, but is ideal in any workplace where security is of paramount importance.

The Fire-Resistant Store Cabinets can be closed and locked with the heavy-duty three-way locking system, which is CEN/VDS approved. This will prevent anyone from opening the cabinets by force, and employees will be able to use the two double-bitted key locks to open up and either place or take out goods. There are four shelves inside the cabinet, so it is also a great option for neat and tidy storage management. It is also suitable to store up to £2,000 in cash, so if you need to keep money on site, this is the storage option to choose.

The finish complements a range of décors, so it will be equally at home in an office or a warehouse. Our Fire-Resistant Storage options are an excellent accompaniment to our range of storage and shelving products, which include shelving, security cages and storage bins. You can use our search and filter functions to furnish an entire workspace with the storage options that you need. It is the most cost-effective way to secure your most valuable products, so browse and select the furniture that you need.

Minimising the damage caused by a fire can be the difference between a full-scale disaster and a small setback for your business. If you lose cash and valuable items, you risk business continuity, and the long-term impact can be devastating. Eliminate all those concerns by purchasing our Fire-Resistant Storage solutions, which can be customised with optional inner compartments, electronic locking and pull-out frames. Get in touch with us to build your bespoke fire-resistant storage options.

The Fire-Resistant Store Cabinets are designed to store office-based lever arch files and paper documents, but the sturdy and reliable shelves can store any smaller heavy-duty items. You can select from numerous size options to suit the particular needs of your business. We are renowned for the safety products that we supply, and our fire-resistant storage options will also enable you to meet the latest fire and safety legislation.