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Fire Exit Up Signs

UK's Best Choice of Fire Exit Up Signs - Bargain-Priced

Regulations regarding fire drill protocol are extremely strict to keep staff and customers safe in the event of an emergency evacuation. The extensive range of fire exit signs available from Seton help to ensure that every base is covered when it comes to emergency evacuations. However, it is always advisable to have the relevant equipment available for your fire wardens to ensure everybody gets safely out of a building.

The most efficient route to the outside of a building must be highlighted concisely so there are no accidents or mistakes during the evacuation process. Fire Exit Up Signs clearly show that the route to the nearest fire exit is either up or straight on. For more information take a look at our buying guide.

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Fire Exit Up Arrow Signs: Buying Guide

During a fire there is every chance a power cut could occur, but you can make sure fire exit directional signs are fully legible in such a situation using photoluminescent signage. Nite-Glo Fire Exit Running Man Right/Arrow Up Signs are photoluminescent and so are suitable for such eventualities.

Photoluminescent signs stay illuminated for up to six hours at a time after being exposed to a good source of light. Smoke can obscure signage when fire breaks out, but Nite-Glo signs are made from an environmentally-friendly polyester film that enables them to shine through smoke and glow brightly in low or zero light. What’s more, these signs appear white in normal light – making them both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

In the event of a fire smoke can fill rooms and corridors. However, it will often rise meaning that air is clearer towards the floor. Because of this fact it can be necessary for workers to crawl on the floor where the air is more breathable in order to escape. Our Fire Exit Anti-Slip Floor Signs ensure that the nearest and most direct escape route can be followed, especially by those who are forced to crawl along the floor because of smoke.

However, a room does not have to be filled with smoke in order to ensure these signs are easily seen. The floor is also where people tend to naturally look, thereby maximising the possibility of exposure to signage.

Fire Exit Up Signs in an economic pack of six means you can clearly identify the nearest fire exit in locations where there are multiple possible escape routes to navigate. This type of signage is applicable to most workplaces due to the fact that health and safety regulations stipulate there must be several accessible escape routes should any be compromised.

There are several sign fixings and mounting systems available to ensure safety signs are sturdily affixed to upright surfaces such as walls and supports. These products ensure signs can be seen clearly and minimise the risk of them being dislodged and potentially falling off.

For large rooms, such as warehouses, our Z Hook hanging kits for double-sided signs, such as photoluminescent hanging signs, is one example of a fire exit up sign mounting system that prominently presents essential health and safety information in order to ensure that your workforce and visitors are notified of the relevant escape route.

Custom Fire Exit Signs

Furthermore, Seton can also provide Custom Safe Condition Safety Signs to ensure that you can find a suitable signage solution tailored to your specific needs in any work environment. These signs will ensure your compliance with the relevant regulations whilst allowing you to create a safety sign that is unique to you and your business.