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CCTV Cameras & Alarms

Need help? Need help? How to add security on a shoestring Investing in good quality security equipment is a great way to put off would-be thieves and also gives you peace of mind that your assets are safe. A great deterrent is the use of CCTV and alarms onsite and here at Seton we have a selection of products to choose from to meet your needs in that area. Our products will give you the quality you need at a fair price, so take a look for yourself.

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Effective Security Measures and Deterrents

CCTV Camera Systems

CCTV Cameras and Alarms are a good investment for any business. While the initial outlay may seem expensive, a well-designed and professionally installed security system will provide peace of mind and deter thieves. On-site security staff provides a deterrent, but they cannot monitor the entire grounds. CCTV cameras on the other hand provide a full view of the whole premises as well as real-time recording. Some CCTV systems also offer the option of remote viewing of the live camera feed. CCTV equipment will not only protect premises from thieves, but it can also prevent vandalism and on-site damage by alerting staff to fires and other incidents. CCTV cameras are ideal for workplaces that have hard-to-see areas by providing 100 per cent coverage of the grounds at all times. Recordings can also provide useful information for the police in the event of a break-in or other incident. Clearly visible recording equipment can also make customers feel safer and more confident when they are on the premises. In the event of a dispute, CCTV camera footage can be submitted as useful evidence, as they can capture sound as well as images. As it is a legal requirement to let people know that they are being filmed, having professional Security & CCTV Signs is crucial.

There are more commercial burglaries than domestic each year, and unlike domestic premises, a business premises that has been burgled is more likely to be hit again. This is why it is important that businesses invest in their security. Studies have shown that a good deterrent to crime is the installation of CCTV cameras. However, not all businesses can afford the initial outlay for a top-end CCTV system. You might consider purchasing professional looking dummy CCTV cameras, which may be used internally or externally. When choosing dummy CCTV cameras, it is important to choose ones that are indistinguishable from the real thing. Our range of dummy cameras include the External Dummy CCTV Camera, it is a sturdy and robust camera with an anti-corrosion finish. Its tough design makes it ideal for areas that are prone to vandalism.

Personal Safety Alarms

Sometimes employees have to work either remotely or on their own and, if they are carrying out work that is potentially dangerous while they are off-site, being able to monitor the employee is important for health and safety. Security staff may also need personal alarms to provide additional protection if they encounter an intruder while guarding a premises. The Godfather Torch Personal Alarm combines an alarm with a strobe torch. When the alarm is activated, the torch flashes and the bright light draws attention to the individual. Personal alarms are designed to surprise and shock attackers, and this gives the individual a chance to escape unharmed. Pulling a ripcord will activate the attack alarm. To then deactivate it, simply replace the pin. When the alarm is activated, it emits a loud siren that is audible up to half a mile away. The alarm is both durable as well as convenient, with an outer double casing and a test button facility. The alarm also comes with a wall-mount bracket and a belt clip, which means it can either be worn as a personal alarm or used as a door entry alarm. To provide even more security to a physical location, installing a Lock Alarm is an ideal way of dissuading thieves. The lock may be used internally or externally to guard workshops, garages or sheds. It is simple to use — the cable is looped through the items, and then it is locked onto the main unit. If an attempt is made to cut the steel cable or to tamper with the main lock, it emits a loud alarm. The lock may be used freestanding, anchored to a post or a wall, or fixed directly to an item using the included bracket.


I need to improve security at my worksite, but my budget is limited. What can I do?

A good dummy CCTV camera can deter thieves and vandals. Our internal, external and professional dummy cameras are indistinguishable from the real thing.

Are CCTV cameras worth purchasing?

Studies have shown that CCTV cameras do reduce the incidence of crime. They are also useful for monitoring premises for other incidents such as fires and recordings may provide vital evidence to the police in the event of an incident.

I want a simple solution to deter thieves from stealing equipment from a shed. What should I use?

A simple and cost-effective solution is a lock alarm. The alarm is easy to attach to the door of a shed or workshop and if the alarm is tampered with it emits a loud noise.

Some members of my workforce have to work alone. How can I be sure that they are safe?

Personal alarms such as Man Down Alarms, are ideal for remote or lone workers as they can be worn on the person and emit a loud alarm if activated.