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Health & Safety Posters

Need help? Need help? Which Health and Safety poster do I need? UK-Approved Health & Safety Posters with Fast Delivery

All businesses need to give careful consideration to health and safety, and here at Seton, we have a wide range of products to help. Keeping staff and visitors to the workplace well informed is vital, and our health and safety at work posters are a great way to do this. These cover all kinds of situations, so finding one to suit you is simple.

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Workplace Safety Compliance Posters

Health and safety posters are an effective way to ensure there is constant communication of health and safety messages in the workplace. Displaying posters that outline expected practices and offer reminders of policy helps to ensure that workers, customers and visitors are kept informed of risk factors at all times.

Our wide array of posters for health and safety purposes covers a range of practices and policies that may be relevant to your workplace, helping you to clearly display information that will promote compliance with health and safety policies and also, potentially, with legal requirements.

Choose from task-specific health and safety posters that detail potentially dangerous practices, such as ladder use and manual handling, or opt for one of our general health and safety posters that cover a range of common sense recommendations to help ensure safe working practice at all times. For areas where workers may need to prepare food or have physical contact with service users, we offer a range of personal hygiene and hand washing posters.

We also offer health and safety posters that promote the use of safety clothing and personal protection equipment – for example, posters that remind people to use ear protection in noisy work environments and posters that promote the use of PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) in potentially dangerous areas – such as constructions sites or fabrication areas.

Our risk assessment posters help to inform workers of their responsibility in assessing and accounting for risk before entering an area or embarking on a task, while some of our poster range is aimed at reducing the risk of common workplace accidents, such as slips, trips and falls.
Posters can also be used in the workplace to reinforce the message of employee responsibility, with a selection of designs available outlining the prohibition of working while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Displaying posters that outline the need for accident and near-miss reporting can help employees to be mindful of their responsibility to comply with legal requirements, while these tools can also be used to signpost help in the event of an accident, with the range including first aid guidance posters. Fire safety posters can also be purchased from the health and safety range.

We also offer posters that are aimed at improving employee mental health, with designs available that encourage workers to raise issues that are affecting their stress levels, including workplace bullying and verbal abuse.

Posters that outline the health and safety legislation in your region using clear and concise language alongside supporting imagery are available, which can help to ensure that all those on the premises have access to the relevant health and safety information.

What Health and Safety at Work Posters Do I Need to Display?

The workplace safety warning signs you need to display will depend on your business activities and the hazards you need to warn workers and customers about. You may need a general occupational health poster, or specific posters such as a manual handling poster or ladder safety poster. Almost every business will need certain types of signage, such as a fire safety poster or personal hygiene poster. Workplace bathrooms should, of course, display at least one hand-washing poster. Increasingly, in a bid to slow the spread of coronavirus and other infectious diseases, many businesses will choose to display a ‘how to wash your hands poster.

How Many Health and Safety Law Posters Do I Need to Display?

If your business employs any workers at all, no matter how small it is, you must display a health and safety law poster clearly, where all workers can easily read it. You must also provide all workers with a health and safety law leaflet. Consult the Health and Safety Executive website for further information on this and other important health and safety procedures.

How Do Health and Safety Procedures Protect Employees?

Health and Safety legislation UK guidelines are in place in a wide variety of areas in order to protect the physical health and mental wellbeing of employees, and ensure that they are working as safely as possible. The UK Health and Safety Executive has produced a short guide that covers guidance, regulations, and Approved Codes of Practice in the workplace.

What Are the Health and Safety Procedures Applicable to Any Venue Used?

Basic health and safety procedures are applicable not just in the workplace but also in outside venues used for your company’s business and other remote worksites, including employees’ homes if they are working from home. It is important to carry out a risk assessment for these venues, as you would in your workplace.

How Do I Improve Health and Safety in the Workplace?

The correct health and safety training for employees is vital, but health and safety at work posters are also a very simple and cost-effective way to remind workers of basic rules and guidelines. Careful risk assessments, ongoing training, awareness campaigns, and strategically placed health and safety signage can all help improve health and safety in the workplace.

Where Can I Find Health and Safety Information?

Good health and safety information sources include the UK Health and Safety Executive, the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, the British Safety Council, and the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health. You may also want to consult local councils and industry-specific health and safety organisations to ensure that you are fully protecting your workers and customers.

What Are the Best Health and Safety Posters for the Workplace?

The health and safety posters you need will depend on a number of factors, but here are a few of our more popular options:

  • HSE Health and Safety Law Poster – A useful and affordable version of the mandatory UK Health and Safety Law poster. Available in A2 or A3.

  • Personal Hygiene Poster – Comprehensive and up-to-date guidelines for personal hygiene in the kitchen. Includes hand-washing instructions.

  • Ladder Safety Poster – Falls from height are a common cause of workplace injury. This is an essential poster in workplaces where ladders are routinely used.

Here at Seton, we have a wide range of health and safety posters for the workplace. If you would like to discuss your requirements, feel free to call us and ask our friendly experts for advice.