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We stock various types of waste sacks that cover diverse waste collection and disposal needs. There is a suitable bin liner available for heavy-duty rubble and compostable waste. We have bin liners for rubbish bins in the office and for a canteen recycling bank, and we have bin liners for outdoor bins, wheelie-bins and sack holders. We also provide eco-friendly bin liners, which are made of recycled material. Bin liners are manufactured for differing functions – for instance, a heavier gauge is available if they need to be tough and tear resistant.

See our buying guide for more details.

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Refuse Sacks: Buying Guide

When disposing of waste, transparent liners will make it easy to sort, and no mistakes need be made. For security reasons, it is also useful to be able to see what is going into the bag. Again, if you have a clear recycling bin in an office space, a see-through bin liner will encourage its correct use because the contents will be visible to everybody.

Our transparent indoor bin liners, which are available in varying sizes, are all designed to be tough and more tear resistant than most, perfect for our range of pedal bins and our clear refuse sacks, are durable enough for heavy waste and come in a neat dispenser box, making them very convenient to use.

Small kitchen caddy liners are 100 percent compostable and made from renewable materials. These are ideal for collecting organic waste, but are also a useful size in other small types of bin.

When businesses want to separate waste types, clear or black liners are great in purpose-built recycling bins, but another way to do this is to use coloured waste sacks. In this case, the bin should be transparent and also labelled so that its purpose is clear. A recycling bank is thus created using colour-coded sacks inside clear bins, grouped together. Alternatively, sack holders can be utilised. These waste collectors also display the bag and may be grouped together into a waste collection point.

For outdoor use, sacks can be chosen for their strength, size and purpose. We supply very heavy-duty rubble bags for abrasive and heavy materials, including metal or glass. These are specifically designed to be tough and highly tear resistant to withstand these awkward and weighty loads.

Our heavy-duty green sacks, which are made of 100 percent recycled material, are an eco-friendly option. They are easily drawn from the handy dispenser box. These are particularly tear resistant and are therefore useful to contain heavy items, such as garden or general waste, but also come in lighter gauges, which are good value for money. These are well suited for keeping unsightly contents neatly out of view.

It is never pleasant when a bin liner is fouled, and our wheelie bin bags are the perfect option for keeping those wheelie bins clean.

For bins without wheels that are loaded with heavy waste, a dolly may be used under the bin for ease of transport. Kerbs can be mounted by using the cleverly designed kerb hopper portable mini ramp.

If your refuse is going into a compactor, breakages and torn sections of the bag that will cause jamming in the machine need to be avoided. We supply specially purposed heavy-gauge compactor bags to facilitate problem-free refuse processing.