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Emergency Key Boxes

Need help? Need help? Which emergency key boxes do you need? Top Quality Emergency Key Boxes - Fast Delivery

The importance of fast access to all areas of a building in an emergency goes without saying. Emergency planning and the development of suitable emergency procedures sometimes neglect to address emergency keys and emergency key boxes.

Emergency keys are often left lying about or rusting in the back of a forgotten drawer. Not being able to find emergency keys can cause panic and further escalate the actual emergency.

The HSE emphasises the responsible storing and accessibility of emergency equipment, advoccating for the proper safekeeping of emergency keys in emergency key boxes.

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The Best Emergency Key Boxes

We stock emergency key boxes in all sizes, colours and materials. With this guide you will be able to choose products that suit your unique environment and needs. These are the most important characteristics that you should consider when buying your emergency lock boxes.

  • Break glass key boxes are typically used for emergency keys. Not all people have – or should have – access to emergency keys. These boxes prohibit the unsanctioned use of emergency keys while keeping the keys safe, visible and accessible in emergencies.

  • A break glass for key box has either a glass or plastic covering that can be smashed during an emergency. Ensure that you have an attached hammer to break the glass or plastic window.

  • A break glass for key container for emergency keys should be brightly coloured. Red or green boxes are visible and easily recognisable.

  • A glass-windowed key box is not suitable for all areas, such as canteens, schools or swimming pool vicinities. In the interest of safety, we recommend a plastic-fronted emergency key box for places where glass can easily injure people.

Emergency key boxes: why and where to use them

Emergency key holders can be used for different reasons and purposes.

  • Emergency keys – these keys require safekeeping in a place that is accessible to authorised persons. Areas that need break glass key boxes include fire escapes and exit doors, emergency equipment storage rooms, and locked access doors.

  • A key box can be attached to building exteriors to allow first responders, such as medics and firefighters, ready access to a premises.

  • Spare keys to homes can also be kept in Key Storage Boxes. An arrangement such as this can help district nurses and care workers to gain access to elderly at-home patients.

Whatever the reason, it is always a good idea to keep your important keys in a designated box.

Top four emergency key boxes

We stock a variety of quality break glass key boxes, here are the top four:

1. The Emergency Key Box & Sign Kit effectively displays emergency keys. The red box, made of durable steel, promotes visibility and comes with a sign to inform and create awareness. This combo also comes with a replacement glass front.

2. The Fire Emergency Key Box is the perfect storage unit for fire alarm and other emergency keys. It can be placed near fire escapes, fire stations, stairs and lifts. The red finish makes it visible and distinguishes it as an emergency container.

3. The Key Guards - With Alarm – in either red or green – are fitted with an electronic alarm to deter theft and unsanctioned use. These boxes have a plastic window that makes them suitable for use in places such as food preparation areas, swimming pools and clean rooms.

4. The Circular Break Glass Key Box Holder sports a unique snap-fit design and provides visible storage for emergency keys.

Explore our full selection of high-quality emergency key boxes to find the right product for your workplace.