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Need help? Need help? Where should floor tapes be placed? Long-Lasting UK Floor Tapes with Fast Delivery

Our wide variety of floor tapes are all long-lasting, vibrant and effective. Marking out areas and spaces for worksites is essential for health and safety and also for ensuring that work premises are operating at maximal efficiency. We have industrial floor marking tapes in a variety of materials, reflective materials and colours so that you can find the perfect floor tape for the specific needs of your worksite

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Floor Tapes Buying Guide

Floor tapes are essential in large worksites, construction sites and factories as they clearly organise a space, warn of hazards, and provide guidelines for social distancing. When selecting floor marking tape for a worksite, it is important to consider the kinds of conditions that the tape is used in, such as indoor or outdoor, high or low traffic volumes, and whether the tape needs to be visible at night as well as during the day.

Floor tape marking placement

Floor tape placement is completely dependent on the unique needs of every worksite, factory or office. It is important during a full risk assessment to consider where floor tape is most needed in a worksite – floor markings are needed in office stairways to make stairs and fire exits more clear, warehouse floor tape is needed to clearly demarcate areas for pallet placements and forklifts, and black and yellow hazard warning tape is needed in factories to warn employees of dangerous areas. These are just a few examples of when floor tape is needed and how it might be placed.

The needs of your worksite will determine the kind of floor protection tape you need. However, we also have marking tape for specific worksite, equipment and industrial needs. Our Fire Protection Equipment Warning Tapes are specifically designed for withstanding the pressures of high volumes of foot traffic and are made for marking areas such as aisles, stairways and workstation floors.

We also have a range of tapes that have specific phrases printed on them, such as the Restricted Area, Authorized Personnel and Hazardous Material Area tapes. These should be placed in a high visible area to properly warn visitors to the site.

Floor tape materials and types

There are a number of different types of floor tapes and floor tape materials to cater to different industrial and health and safety needs. For high traffic areas that require extra durability, the Toughstripe Floor Marking Tape is a good option as it is incredibly durable and can even withstand temperatures of -18°C to +54°C.

For worksites that have low visibility, or for marking out emergency exits, reflective floor tape is a great option. Our classic Reflective Black/Yellow High Performance Warning Tapes are designed to withstand high traffic areas and are easy to apply. Also, the extremely vibrant Luminous High-Vis Fluorescent Tape is made specifically for indoor use and can withstand salt spray and sprays from other commonly used chemicals. These tapes are perfect for highlighting risks or routes when night-time or darkness is a hazard.

Other options for highly visible reflective tapes are our Photoluminescent Red and White tape and our Reflective Photoluminescent Marking Tape, which is highly adaptable and can be used on flooring, poles, vehicles and even clothing. These photoluminescent tapes are reflective when lights or headlights are shown on them, but they are also photoluminescent in the dark. This means that they are visible even in severe weather conditions.

Social distancing floor tape

Our world is changing, and our health and wellness needs are also changing. In order to ensure that your worksite is a safe place for employees and visitors, you may need to invest in social distancing floor tape. Floor tape markings show employees and visitors how to enter buildings, use facilities, and then exit a building in a way that minimises contact and therefore transmission.

If you are wondering how best to place social distancing floor tape, we have developed a comprehensive guide that breaks down the legislation and explains the new risks we are facing, and how those risks can be mitigated. For more information on Coronavirus, read our helpful guide on Coronavirus Infection Control.

We have a range of social distancing tapes that provide visual cues, including the For Your Protection – Keep Distance tape, the STOP! Distance = Safety floor tape and the Keep Distance tape. These tapes all include images of distance, stop signs or two-metre symbols to remind visitors to a worksite to socially distance.

Along with social distancing tapes that have visual cues, we also have a number with statements to catch visitors’ attention. These include the Social Distancing Saves Lives tape, the Please Stop – Keep Your Distance tape, and the Metres Matter – Keep your Distance tape.

Floor safety is a critical part of an employer’s duty of care to staff and customers. Given the ongoing importance of social distancing the floors of your premises can be made safer using our huge range of social distancing floor tapes.