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Dry Powder Fire Extinguishers

Need help? Need help? What can powder extinguishers be used on? UK’s Largest Selection of Top-Rated Dry Powder Fire Extinguishers

Our range of dry powder fire extinguishers are the most versatile of all fire suppression equipment, and owing to their many usage options they are ideal for general use and storage just about anywhere. Whether in a personal home or business premises these extinguishers will be useful and are best placed near the source of potential fire risks.

Standard dry powder extinguishers are used for fires involving flammable solids like textiles, wood and paper, those which involve flammable liquids like paint, diesel and petrol, fires caused by flammable gases like methane and butane, and electrical fires involving equipment up to 1000v.

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What are Dry Powder Extinguishers Used For?

Dry powder extinguishers are filled with a dry chemical extinguishing agent, usually a combination of ammonium sulphate and monoammonium phosphate. When the dry powder is applied to a burning solid, the powder insulates the solid because it is burning at an extremely high temperature.
When applied to a burning liquid or gas, the powder coats the surface of the fire and, in the process, interrupts the chain of reaction in the fire. With electrical fires, the powder is not a conductor of electricity, so when an individual sprays dry powder on an electrical fire, the powder will not conduct electricity back to the individual, as would be the case with water or other substances.
It should be noted, however, that if used on certain types of chemical fires, the powder can actually react with the chemicals and create an explosion. This is why it is important to be very aware of the environmental conditions and potential fire risks of an area before selecting a fire extinguisher. Our Fire Extinguisher Signs are an essential element of your fire safety solution; they contain all the information for dealing with fires and the uses of these extinguishers, at a glance.

What colour are dry powder fire extinguishers?

ABC dry powder fire extinguishers are identified through a blue identification tag located on the extinguisher canister with the word “powder” on it. Dry powder fire extinguishers are also commonly referred to as ABC extinguishers, multi-purpose extinguishers, and dry chemical extinguishers. These extinguishers are so useful and versatile that there are a number of these extinguishers designed for specific uses and environments, including mobile extinguishers and wall-mounted automatic extinguishers, which can be used in various situations.

How do dry powder fire extinguishers work?

In order to use a dry powder fire extinguisher, the user must remove the pin to perforate the anti-tamper seal and then stand far enough away from the flames while aiming the extinguisher at the base of the fire and quickly sweeping the trajectory of the powder back and forth. Dry powder extinguishers should never be used in confined spaces, as the powder is meant to spread over a large area. If used in confined spaces, the powder can obstruct vision causing additional safety hazards and can also cause asphyxiation when inhaled.

Dry powder extinguisher placement

Although dry powder fire extinguishers are useful for putting a stop to almost all fires, they are especially effective when used in outdoor environments where there is a risk for several different types of fires to be started. For example, in a garage, fuel tanker or a large workshop, there may be flammable liquids, electrical equipment and wood structures. In such spaces where various kinds of blazes could potentially start, a dry powder extinguisher, as well as an adequate storage solution such as a fire extinguisher stand or bracket, is particularly useful because it is so versatile and can extinguish a number of different fires.

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