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Lockers & Cloakroom Furniture

Need help? Need help? How lockers can keep your site germ free Here at Seton, our range of office and commercial equipment doesn’t start and end with office equipment such as chairs and desks. Whatever particular needs your workplace has, the chances are we have the equipment to properly furnish it and provide workers and visitors with not only a safe environment but also a comfortable and efficient one. We have a strong selection of lockers and cloakroom furniture to choose from. Not all workplaces are in need of such furnishings, but if yours is, then our range of high-quality, varied and easy-to-use equipment is sure to tick all the right boxes.See below for our buying guide.

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Cloakroom Storage and Seating: Buying Guide

Whether you’re looking for lockers for a school or restaurant staff, bench seating and storage solutions for a staffroom, specialised PPE lockers, or simple clothes hooks, we have the lockers and cloakroom furniture that is right for your workplace. If you’re still not sure exactly what type of cloakroom and locker equipment you need, then take a look at our handy buying guide.

Public and Private Lockers

If you require something simple but effective, then the economy lockers are great. These lockers are incredibly versatile and can be used in almost any situation where users need lockable storage but do not need to be able to hang up clothing. Available in a range of sizes, and with a selection of different mechanisms, you can choose which is best for you. Coin locks are useful for public areas where lockers are used by different people, usually visitors, on a regular basis, such as in a gym or leisure centre, while a padlock locker would be more of use in situations where lockers are designated to one user for long periods of time, such as in schools or staffrooms.

For something of a similar nature to the economy lockers, but where either space is at a premium or locked-away items tend to be smaller, our personal effects lockers are the answer. Made of steel, these lockers arrive pre-drilled so that they can be more easily nested together, either side to side or back to front. Also available in a range of sizes, the personal effects lockers are only big enough to take smaller personal items such as wallets, small handbags and mobile phones, and wouldn’t be the best option if users need to be able to securely lock away larger items such as backpacks, books and items of clothing.

Find the Right Seating for Your Needs

When it comes to benches indoors or outdoors, we have a great range of options for you to consider. Whether you’re looking for plastic, or a steel and wood mix, a standalone bench or a bench and coat rack combination, we have the bench that’s just right for your workplace. The locker room island seating with shoe baskets is perfect for any staffroom situation, and especially one where space is at a premium. With this seating, coat rack and shoe basket combo, space is saved while a storage solution for discarded shoes and coats is found. This product would also work well in a changing room, such as in a school or leisure centre. For something even simpler, the plastic cloakroom furniture - wall racks, which come with sturdy aluminium hooks, are ideal. These can be affixed to just about any wall, and work well in smaller workspaces where a changing or locker room is unnecessary, but an area to hang coats or other items of clothing is appreciated by both workers and visitors alike.

Specialised Storage Solutions

In some situations, the lockers needed in a cloakroom or changing room are much more specialised. If you work in the food industry, for example, or in any industry where it is necessary to change clothing while at work, then supplying workers with garment service lockers is a must. These personal-use lockers have two interior shelves, two double coat hooks and enough space to hang clothing, as well as a lower shelf suitable for the storage of shoes or smaller, personal items. Made of steel, these lockers make use of a secure locking system that makes them suitable for personal use, and are very safe and secure.


My workplace is in need of storage solutions, but not lockers. Do you have any products to suit such needs?

Yes. We have a wide range of office storage options and an entire section dedicated to cupboards and cabinets.

Do you have any lockers suitable for use in hospitals?

Many of the products available would be suitable for use in hospitals, but the combi lockers with stand and sloping tops would be particularly suitable as they feature a powder-coated finish with elite guard that can help reduce the spread of E-Coli and MRSA.

I need lockers that are suitable for PPE, do you have any?

The PPE Lockers that are available here at Seton come in either a one, two, three, four, five or six locker format, feature a range of different locking solutions, and come with a “Personal Protective Equipment Mandatory” label on the locker door to remind workers to always wear the appropriate PPE.