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Chrome Shelving

Need help? Need help? What are the health benefits of chrome shelving? Shelving units are an often overlooked aspect of storage management, but they are important as faulty or broken units can have a detrimental impact on productivity by slowing down day-to-day operations. Investing in high-quality shelving should be a priority for any modern business, functional and practical units will allow your employees to store and pick out the items they need that are necessary for their jobs. Our chrome shelving units will perform every task asked of them and ensure that you have versatile, robust and long-lasting storage systems at hand.

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Wire Shelving: Buying Guide

Our chrome shelving selection is headlined by the Chrome Wire Shelving system with its open wire design that provides exceptional air and light penetration. There will be significantly less dust and moisture accumulation compared to standard shelving systems, and employees can build and install the chrome shelving within minutes as there are no nuts and bolts. This also makes it more scalable as it is easy to connect multiple units together as and when you see fit to create longer storage areas.

The Chrome Wire Shelving comes with everything that you need to get a shelving system up and running, but you can purchase any of the parts individually to build a bespoke shelving system to fit within your workspaces. The Extra Shelves for Chrome Wire Shelving are just one of the components that are sold separately, and they can be purchased in various sizes to suit your needs. Chrome shelves are suitable for any industry, but they could be used by hospitals and doctors’ surgeries as they can be sterilised easily to ensure that hygiene standards are met. The easy-clean surfaces are also suitable for construction and manufacturing.

The Wall Brackets for Chrome Wire Shelving is an essential addition to your versatile and strong chrome shelving system. The single wall brackets are designed for standalone units, but the double wall brackets can be used to connect two units for a larger chain of shelving. Chrome shelving is preferable to standard shelving as storage can be tailored to areas both large and small.

Another premium accessory to add mobility to your system is the Castors for Chrome Wire Shelving. These wheels come in a set of four, and they can be added to chrome shelving to make them easy to manoeuvre around the workplace. Storage can be pushed from one side of the room to another or even to another department with ease. We also have Anti-Bacterial Shelving which is a perfect addition if you are concerned with hygiene and the use of these shelves in a sterile setting, when combined with the castors you can create an easy to transport, highly hygienic solution for medical workplaces.

Our chrome shelving selection is rounded out by the Shelf Hooks for Chrome Wire Shelving, the Plastic Shelf Collars for Chrome Shelving and the Sets of 4 x Post Clamps for Chrome Wire Shelving. Each of these products can be used to clamp together chrome shelves and make excellent additions to create even more storage versatility. Chrome is one of the most cost-effective materials for shelving, and its many benefits elevate it above other options available.

We offer shelving and storage for every workspace. You can be sure our products are robust and reliable, and our assortment of accessories makes it easy to purchase more shelving in the future for a bigger and better system. Consider our storage bins and storage boxes and containers categories if you want other useful resources for storing your work-based goods effectively.