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No Food or Drink Signs

Need help? Need help? How to prohibit food & drink from certain areas? No Food or Drink Signs Clearly Visible for Public Spaces

Inform staff and visitors that drinking or food consumption in a certain area is forbidden with a no food or drink sign. Available in a range of sizes and materials, the prohibition signs detailed below are suitable for a variety of applications, such as in your workplace, in retail premises or in public and work vehicles, for example taxis, buses or vans.

Signs are available in rigid plastic for secure mounting, or you can opt for self-adhesive or magnetic signs, depending on location and use. Check out our Sign Fixings where you will find the right product for securing your sign.

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No Food and Drink Signs: Buying Guide

When eating and drinking in the workplace or in particular areas of your premises is not permitted, the easiest way to make sure everyone knows is by having the right signage in place. These signs will usually have an image of the prohibited activity in a circle with a line through, so even if the person looking at the sign does not have English as their first language, they can be in no doubt as to the meaning.

Our ‘no drink or food’ signs are available as a single sign or in economical packs of six – perfect for larger workplaces. If you want to prohibit eating or drinking in a large area, for example in a warehouse or shopping centre, the safety signs will need to be placed in many different places. You will therefore need to assess how many signs you need to effectively get the message across.

The no food and drink pictogram is also used on our ‘No food waste’ signage. These signs should be positioned near bins so staff and visitors are aware that their food waste needs to be placed into a different bin, ideally a recycling bin.

Use recycling signs to label bins that can be used for food waste and any associated packaging.

In some areas, a photoluminescent No Food or Drink prohibition sign might be more appropriate. This sign will glow in the dark for over six hours once activated by a good light source so that even if there is no daylight or artificial light at the time, people can still read it. These signs are ideal for positioning in areas within your site where, for example, staff like to go off to a darkened area in order to have a quiet lunch or where it would be dangerous for them to consume food or drink, such as outside a hazardous storage area. A strategically placed sign will remind them that they are not supposed to consume food or drink there.

In some areas it may be wise to have a non-slip floor sign that conveys the same message. Floor signs are hard to miss and this particular one features the same easily recognised food and drink pictogram. Staff and visitors will not be able to avoid seeing this floor sign, especially if they have to walk over it.

Some food and drink signs are needed in areas where there are biological hazards, and for obvious reasons, no food or drink should be consumed in the area.

Also, check out our whole range of Prohibition Signs for other areas in the workplace

Custom No Food and Drink Sign

If you have a particular message that you want to get across then why not create your own sign. You might want to advise visitors that food should not be consumed in a certain area and to point them in the direction of the canteen. Creating your own sign is easy and will only take you a couple of minutes with our online custom-create sign tool.