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Need help? Need help? Discover what forms are needed for your site There are some products in an office and commercial equipment that everyone knows their workplace will need. From office equipment such as office furniture, to indoor waste bins, and first aid posters, you will almost certainly have these items covered on your check list, but there are other items that are much easier to overlook, such as reports and forms. Our range of reports and forms is designed to make it easier for you to discern whether you’re in need of them or not, and once you’ve decided they’re necessary, to choose the product that is exactly right for your needs.

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If you’re uncertain about whether or not you are in need of reports and forms for your workplace or office, we have assembled a useful buying guide that should help you to navigate the various products we have available. This guide should lead you to a fully informed purchasing decision regarding whether or not you need any reports and forms in order to carry out your workplace tasks, and if so, which would be the most appropriate.

Permission to Work Forms: Buying guide

Promote a safe Working Environment

Our Permit to work forms are some of the most important products that we carry at Seton, and as a result, we offer the permit in a range of categories and industries. These permits should be used during a health and safety risk assessment and include a section on risk assessment so that you can properly assess the hazards and risks that may or may not be present in the workplace. Sold in packs of ten, the permits to work can be purchased for general work, asbestos, hot work, hazardous substances, window cleaning, working at height, and confined space, amongst others. The permits to work forms comprise three parts: the part that the user fills in and two carbon copies that should be kept for your records. This also comes with a card backing, which is especially useful for using as a poster once the permit has been filled in so that anyone on-site or visiting knows that a permit to work has been undertaken.

Customisable Work Permits

For anyone who thinks they might be in need of multiple permits to work, the permits to work CD Rom might be the best investment. This one-time CD Rom purchase will allow you to download and print as many permits to work as needed. For maximum flexibility when it comes to permits to work, we would recommend the re-writable version of this product, which allows users to download and amend the files before filling them in – this means that the permits can be tailored to specific needs, any changes to legislation or regulations, and in turn allows you stay up to date with all of your permits to work. This option is particularly pertinent to anyone managing a large number of contractors, although if you only have a few contractors, then we here at Seton would advise investing in the print-out version of the permits to work CD Rom.

The Permit-to-Work forms are less comprehensive than either the permits to work mentioned above, or the permits to work CD Rom, but they are a solid investment for anyone who has undertaken a health and safety assessment, but needs to repeat the permit to work due to new hazards, or the removal of any safety systems due to maintenance work, for example. This product comes in a pad of 50 forms, meaning that it can be used on multiple occasions, and therefore presents an economic investment for anyone in need of multiple permit to work forms due to frequent changes to the work environment.

We also have a contractor authorisation to work system refill pack, which not only includes a permit to work but also features secure visitor passes so that you can keep abreast of all your records as well as any visitors you may have. By using this pack, you will create an instant fire register as all visitors will be recorded, and there are also health and safety details featured on the back of the pass/permit as a way to remind users of the necessary health and safety warnings and protocols, we also supply dedicated fire safety log books for a more comprehensive overview of your workplaces fire preparedness.


How do I know if my workplace needs to fill in a permit to work form?

Permits to work are an integral part of any health and safety assessment and are useful in any situation where there is high risk, particularly useful for and widely used by those in construction, maintenance, or anyone working in factories and workshops.

How can I ensure that my permits to work are kept safe for my records?

In our office equipment category, you will find a wide range of filing options, including cabinets of all shapes and sizes, as well as a VARIO Wall Unit - visual document storage, which not only ensures easy access to the permits but also visibility and ease of use.