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Mechanical Lockout Devices

Need help? Need help? Discover more about our mechanical lockout devices Many lockout devices have specific functions, designed for use on only one type of machine or power isolation switch. Our mechanical lockout devices offer an excellent all purpose alternative to these specified models. For use mainly with valve and pneumatic controls we have a full range that will enable you to isolate the power easily and without fuss.

These all purpose devices are a perfect addition to any lockout kit, station or bag and will serve as an excellent alternative if specific valve and security lockout devices are unavailable to you.

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The General Purpose Lockout Solution

When it comes to creating your lockout procedure, you will have done a full audit of your facilities to discover which type of device you will need to lock out your machinery. While some methods of power isolation require very specific lockout solutions, whether it be through the use of electrical lockout devices or our comprehensive range of valve lockouts you will no doubt have a number of simple mechanical switches and valves that will not need to or cannot be isolated by our other lockout device offerings.

What is so great about our cable lockout devices is that you do not need to lockout out small valve or cabinet latches singularly, instead these innovative devices allow you to simply wind the extremely durable nylon cabling around the mechanism needing securing and with the addition of a scissor grip handle, lock the switches in place, safely isolating the power of the machine you intend to enable maintenance on.

A Customisable and Versatile Lockout Tool

Universal cable lockouts should be included as a part of any comprehensive lockout kit, allow with other essential items these lockout devices are highly flexible and as our range encapsulates, can also be tailored to fit your specific lockout requirement.

We offer mechanical lockouts that come with a set length of nylon or steel cable, many of which can have multiple length options selected and these usually come with a hasp or scissor lock to enable quick and effective securing when the need arises. Another option is to choose the different lengths of cable and lockout device (hasp or scissor lock) separately, if you prefer a more specific solution, tailored to your needs.

As wear and tear is part of the operational life cycle of any mechanical device we offer the separate elements of these all purpose devices so that you can replace them at need or keep a few spares to replace when components eventually fail, we recommend this as part of creating any lockout maintenance kit, being prepared for any situation is paramount when it comes to the successful isolation of energy during maintenance in the long term.

Isolating Energy Sources

As part of our mechanical lockout range we also supply devices for isolating pneumatic power sources, mainly any sort of compressed air canister or lead, our devices fit over the ends of the unit, covering the valve itself and stopping the accidental activation of these dangerous containers during repair and maintenance. These devices almost always compatible with the male fitting found on pneumatic power outlets in industrial settings.

As with every other type of lockout device you will use when carrying out your lockout procedure these must be secured with either a padlock or hasp and padlock. The advantage of using the hasp is that a chain of responsibility and redundancy is enabled whereby several different people can secure the device and remove their padlock only when their part of the maintenance process is complete. We have a full range of padlocks and hasps to choose from.

Isolating energy sources when carrying out maintenance or repair on industrial machinery is of the utmost importance and adequate safety measures will save lives. Having a wide range of different lockout devices is recommended as there are many different types of machinery and energy flow that will need isolating before work can commence. Universal lockout devices offer a great way to secure many of the switches, toggles and valves in order to properly de-energise a machine, but it is always advisable where ever possible to have a mixture of devices in order to ensure the safety of your employees and safeguard the machinery itself.


Do these devices come in a convenient kit?

Yes, we have many lockout kits to choose from, they range from specific energy isolating tasks to more general lockout safety. Our Electrician Lockout Kit and Universal Lockout Kit both feature a comprehensive range of devices including our cable lockout devices.

What is the best way to secure my mechanical lockout device?

We have a range of padlocks and hasps to choose from, many of the lockout devices come with a hasp integrated into the body of the unit however it may be prudent to add more hasps to either increase security further or if you have a larger team of maintenance personnel on any given task.

What advantages do these have over specific valve lockout devices?

The many valve lockout devices we supply are fantastic for fully securing large valves and fulfil their function brilliantly, where the universal cable lockouts come in to play is with smaller and more numerous valves, offering a quick way to secure many valves at once.