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Karabiners and Lanyards

There are few situations in which employees are as vulnerable as they are when working at height, so it is vital to supply the right equipment to keep them safe. At Seton, we stock a wide range of products specially designed for this purpose, and our karabiners and lanyards are easy to combine with other items in that range.

Take a look at this information on buying lanyards and karabiners.

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Using high-quality karabiners and lanyards can literally be a life saver. It can also make a significant difference to how effectively your employees are able to carry out the tasks assigned to them. This means that although every item in our selection meets quality standards, you should choose carefully to make sure you are getting the right tools for the job.

Choosing Lanyards And Karabiners

When you are choosing karabiners and lanyards, the first thing you will need to consider is how much weight they can safely take. This is because, in different work contexts, you may be using them to support workers or you may be using them to support materials, which can weigh a lot more. They do not exist only to protect your employees from falling - they can also be important in stopping heavy objects from falling onto people below.

When you want to be extra sure about security, karabiners with locks are a good option. There is a trade-off, however, because they take longer to adjust. When they are used properly, ordinary karabiners are just as safe. All the karabiners we stock are solidly made and corrosion-resistant, so they can be used in any type of weather provided conditions are otherwise safe.

Some of the tool lanyards such as Ergodyne Squids® are retractable, which is handy when something needs to be accessed quickly. They also make it simpler to shuttle tools up and down when a team member is present on the ground to assist, reducing the overall time needed to complete tasks that require several different pieces of equipment.

The lanyards we stock have different numbers of anchor points, so you will need to think about how many will be needed for the tasks your employees need to perform. Having extra ones just in case is not necessarily a good idea, because it creates a risk that they will get in the way and tangle when your employees are trying to undertake complex work.

Using multiple attachment points can be useful, however, when a worker wants to be able to use several tools with full freedom of movement and no risk of dropping them, or when somebody working in a suspended position wants to be able to stay as stable as possible.

When you are choosing a lanyard, you should also consider what it is made of and any advice provided on the working conditions it is suitable for. Some materials, like Kevlar, can stiffen in cold temperatures so may not be suitable if your employees sometimes work in ice and snow.

We know you need to be fully confident in the quality of any suspension equipment you buy, so we stock karabiners and lanyards from trusted brands with established reputations that you can rely on. You might also like to look at our harness kits.