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Non-Recycling Signs

Need help? Need help? Help climate change by disposing of items correctly. What exactly is a 'Non-Recyling Sign?'

The term non-recyclable may seem obvious due to its name, but non-recycling waste is waste that at present is not able to be recycled by any means. With recycling rates on the rise, there is still a multitude of items that get placed in recycling bins that do not belong there. Utilising non-recycling signs can help both staff and visitors to know what can and can’t be recycled while providing instruction as to which facilities to use to ensure that items are disposed of correctly.

For businesses that don’t want a lot of their waste to end up in landfill, non-recycling signs can be incredibly important, as can delivering an understanding to the people who are likely to be using those facilities. It is up to you to provide the correct information when it comes to recycling, as well as the necessary receptacles for the right materials, be they recyclable or not. There are many materials included in this, find out what goes into the non-recycling bin so you are disposing of items correctly.

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What does non-recycling mean?

Despite recycling levels being at their highest of all time, and a vast amount of materials now able to be recycled, there are still some waste items that are unable to be recycled, and that is what we classify as ‘non-recycling waste’ or residual waste.

In the future, we may be able to find solutions to allow us to recycle the items we are not able to at present, but until then, they are to be disposed of separately. Unfortunately, it is still not uncommon in some places that employees or visitors will throw non-recyclable waste into a recycling receptacle, and vice versa. Where possible, it’s important to buy carefully, and avoid the waste that can not be recycled, though in some instances it can’t be avoided.

Despite the materials not being able to be recycled this still needs to be highighted to everyone. Our recommendation and the most effective recycling signs are all that follow the recycling sign logos from the Government's ‘Recycle Now’ campaign and here at Seton our recycling signs do just that.

What goes into the non-recycling bin?

The non-recycling waste bin can be home to a multitude of different materials and garbage in a workplace, as well as in the household. While not all materials that are suitable for the ‘non-recycling’ waste disposal are items that will be found within a business, it is important to address these items for the need does arise.

Some of the items that can be disposed of in the non-recycling are as follows;

  • Kitchen towels, tissues and napkins

  • Envelopes with padding, or ‘jiffy bags’

  • Plastic bags

  • Animal bedding & litter

  • Animal faeces which have been bagged responsibly (Double bagged)

  • Some food wrappers and cling film

  • Polystyrene

  • Sanitary waste that has been bagged responsibly (Double bagged)

  • Broken glasses, ceramics and crockery

  • Some food storage containers that don’t have the recyclable logo

  • Non-recyclable glass such as mirrors, windows, light bulbs etc.

  • Non-recyclable paper such as laminated paper, wrapping paper that has glitter or foil coating

  • Photographic film

While it may be deemed obvious, but unbagged nappies or animal waste, as well as building materials, car batteries, gas bottles and other DIY items should be disposed of by the correct means. Contact your local council if you are unsure of where these items can be disposed of. Items that can be recycled, like plastic bottles, trays or tubs, paper, cardboard, and your usual recycling items should be disposed of in the correct recycling bins, the signage for which be found in our Recycling Signs range.

The UK’s recycling rate for waste in a household was 45.7% in 2017, a number which is on the rise but can be aided and increased by utilising the correct recycling facilities. With an EU target of 50% for the UK, by employing the process of guiding your employees and visitors to use the appropriate recycling bins, you are able to facilitate the increased recycling of waste materials. Without appropriate signage, staff may be inclined to place recycling in the incorrect bins and as such, those items are not recycled and could end up in a landfill site. With that in mind, it is important that staff use non-recyclable waste facilities to dispose of items such as the ones mentioned above, so they also do not end up where are they not supposed to, resulting in them not being disposed of correctly.

To facilitate the instruction of use for recycling and waste disposal facilities, it is important that you have the necessary signage placed around your work environment and visible to both staff and public, ensuring that you show your desired approach to waste disposal. Not adhering to these practices could result in items not being disposed of correctly.