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Lockout Tags

Need help? Need help? What is an effective tagout procedure? A vital part of any lockout process is displaying information, this is important to keep those around you safe while working on potentially dangerous machinery. A simple warning tag attached to lockout devices will serve as a reminder and instant visual signifier to take care when working around de-energised machinery.

With our wide range of tags you will be able to create a lockout procedure with a comprehensive tagging system, which will ensure priority information is prominently displayed.

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Effective Tagout Procedure

Via a tag attached to your lockout devices, you will be able to ensure that there is a point of reference that clearly indicates the actions others should take in relation to locked out machinery and also comply with health and safety legislation.

When following your lockout procedure, the step of attaching important safety information is done as part of using the lockout devices themselves. The information is represented by using a simple tagging system that employs cable ties applied around the safety padlock itself.

It is best as part of the risk assessment to determine the types of lockout device you need, that you consider the warning labels and safety tags you will need to compliment them and the vital information you must display.

Many of the tags are used as part of a tagging system to simply identify machinery. These are ideal to inform employees of active energy sources and help when it comes time to perform maintenance and repair. Allowing for the easy identification of machinery.

There are also many ways of attaching tags to equipment, the most common is by using cable ties (in this instance we would recommend the most heavy duty tie that you can use, as these tags will invariably be used in industrial areas) but we also supply tags that are made of metals such as brass to attach to valve pipes with metal chains and clip that cannot be removed easily, this is another way to permanently identify a machine, rather than as part of a temporary lockout procedure.

A Tag for Every Situation

We offer a range of tags designed for specific uses, for ease we have organized them into categories to showcase each of these functions.

  • Safety tags encompass our identification tagging systems, from metal tags to simple number and letter combinations that allow you to create your own identification system that should be detailed in your lockout procedure paperwork. These tags offer simple messages in bold lettering, using highly recognizable symbols to convey safety messages.

  • Valve tags comprise all of our metal tagging systems, this is simply because valves and pipes tend to carry heated steam or gas, sometimes noxious materials, and the tags that are attached to them cannot be made of easily perishable materials. Our other plastic tags would not be able to withstand use in this sort of environment, so it is an absolute must that you use aluminium or brass tags, they come supplied with numbers and letters or can be customised to your need, with any combination of symbols you require.

  • Danger tags are overt messages to warn of the danger of not following procedures with de-energised machinery and can save lives. These tags have clear and concise text and imagery precisely to do just that. As with many tags designed for use in lockout procedures they also have room for other details, allowing you to input the name of the person responsible for locking out the equipment, creating a clear chain of accountability.

  • Inspection tags are designed to create a record of the people that have been tasked with the maintenance and service of equipment. When attached to lockout devices, they serve as a way to stay up to date with the status of repairs and as a reminder of the last time machinery was inspected. Use these after lockout processes have been followed as an easy way to remind those responsible to carry out inspections regularly.

  • Maintenance tags are to be used whenever a machine needs servicing, these tags aid in informing employees that work is in progress. With bold messages and lots of space to fill in inspection dates and times, they will enable you to create a comprehensive record of completed maintenance.


Are there any options for buying tags with other lockout equipment?

Our lockout kits are the best way to get a good overall amount of lockout devices, tags and padlocks. They ensure that you will be prepared for any lockout situation and give you everything required to fulfill lockout procedures.

How many tags do I need to fulfil my lockout process?

Ideally you will have multiple copies of the same tag. For this reason all of our tags come in packs of multiple tags. Any choice will result in you having many tags to use a number of times before needing to restock. As part of a tagging system our scafftags work well in this regard as many of them can be re-used, they are made of tough plastics that can be wiped clean and stored for future usage.