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First Aid Stations & Storage

Need help? Need help? How can a first aid station help meet legislation? When it comes to the effectiveness of treating a first aid casualty having the correct first aid equipment on hand can make all the difference. Every workplace will have different first aid requirements, which should be ascertained by a risk assessment and include identification of potential workplace hazards. First aid stations and points are a ready-made solution that can provide first aid equipment in an easily visible location where it is needed most, as well as first aider information and other important items such as accident books. There are different types which cover various workplaces and industries.

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Advantages of Situating a First Aid Point in Your Workplace

Placing a first aid station in your place of work can provide the following advantages:

  • Helps meet workplace legislation by providing access to first aid boxes, accident books, eyewash or other items which may be required in your place of work by law

  • Provides tidy storage for first aid equipment which could otherwise be scattered around the workplace, hidden and hard to find at the time of need

  • Creates a focal point which staff and visitors can see easily from a distance

  • Offers important information such as contact details for appointed first aiders and instructions for first aid procedures.

  • Provide a solution for specific workplace hazards and emergency situations, for example burns treatment for catering environments

First Aid Information and Guidance Points

Information points provide key details on first aid procedures which can be used as a reference guide for people attempting to help a casualty. Although not a substitute for proper first aider training, the information is clear for untrained staff and a good reminder for trained first aiders. They are available in variants which cover eyewash and burns advice, while the general first aid version can be purchased with or without British Standard first aid kits.

Choosing a Ready Made First Aid Station Workplace Solution

General First Aid Stations

Our range of general first aid stations have been designed with BS 8599-1:2011 compliance in mind. They contain British Standard first aid kits along with an accident book, space for first aider information and optional eye wash pods. The three different sizes are suitable for different working environments based on the number of employees and the kind of work undertaken, so they may be adequate for your workplace (if the first aid risk assessment confirms this). If applicable our guide to first aid in the office may help.

First Aid/Eye Wash Stations

If eye injuries have been identified as a particular likelihood then our combined first aid and eye wash stations could be a solution. They offer eye wash guidelines and a mirror for carrying out treatment. Neutralising eye wash is included which can be used to treat injuries arising from acid and alkali hazards. 3 x ½ litre bottles provide a ready supply of saline eye wash solution.

Catering / Burns Stations

As well as a BS first aid kit, our burns stations contain tailored supplies such as gels and dressings, so are ideal where there is an elevated risk of scalds and burns.
For food preparation areas our catering first aid stations can provide an off the shelf solution. They offer a burns first aid kit as well as saline eye wash. Additionally, the included British Standard catering first aid kits contain industry standard blue items such as plasters and dressings.

Biohazard Stations

Where there is the possible need for disposal of potentially hazardous bodily fluids or sharp objects consider a biohazard first aid station, which offers a range of solutions to first aid and biohazard situations.

Restocking the first aid point

All of our first aid stations can be purchased with or without the included contents. Convenient refill packs are available which include the relevant products, and product information is visible when items are removed so you can easily identify see what’s missing.

Creating a custom medical station solution

Our modular mini first aid units are a great way of creating a bespoke first aid access point in your workplace. Available in the same varieties as the large stations, they can be combined to cover different first aid situations to suit most work environments.