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Thermometers are a long-established method of measuring temperatures and today’s thermometers are highly accurate. It is often vital to monitor temperatures and at Seton we have a comprehensive range of thermometers that can be used for a variety of applications. Monitoring and maintaining correct temperatures is often vitally important for health and safety in the workplace and failure to do so can leave you vulnerable to prosecution under health and safety legislation so take a look at our thermometers guide.

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Digital Thermometers Buying Guide

The need to monitor temperatures is found in many sectors, including catering, medical, storage and research, as well as simply the general monitoring all companies need to make sure working temperatures are comfortable. In the range of test and measurement products available at Seton we have a selection of thermometers that can be used for monitoring temperature in many different circumstances.

The thermometers in the range at Seton are all light in weight, making them easy to move to wherever on your premises they are needed. They are well designed and cope well with tough and busy environments, providing long lasting usage. They are straightforward to operate, providing clear, easy to read displays.

In the thermometer range at Seton are several probe thermometers which are ideal for use in catering to check on the cooking process. We also have a selection of infrared thermometers that allow surface temperatures to be measured without contact, making them ideal for use in the industrial and automotive sectors. You can also reduce the amount of equipment you need with multi-function tools which can carry out different measurements including temperature and humidity. Some of the thermometers will store the data, allowing for the on-going monitoring necessary in laboratory research.

Monitoring temperature is essential for good health and safety practice. Failure to do so could result in burns, spoiled foods and medicines and food poisoning. Responsibility for health and safety lies with employers, but understanding the vast amount of legislation can be difficult. Shopping with Seton can make things easier. We are one of the UK’s leading online retailers of safety products and we stock a huge range of products to improve safety standards at your premises. You can shop with confidence with us, knowing all our products have been tested to make sure they comply with the relevant health and safety legislation. Do not hesitate to get in touch if you need any further advice or information.

Working with extremes of heat can be hazardous, so don’t forget to provide protective equipment for your staff. Our range of heat and flame resistant clothing is comfortable to wear, while our heat resistant gloves will protect the delicate fingers.

Because accidents can still happen even in the best run facilities make sure your first aid kit is stocked with burns treatment and check out our range of fire safety equipment to ensure you have everything you need in the event of an emergency.

Good quality thermometers are worth investing in because temperature control is an essential part of health and safety, and with the range of high-quality thermometers available at Seton it has never been easier to monitor temperatures wherever and however required.