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No Entry Signs

Need help? Need help? What No Entry Road Signs do I need? High-Visibility UK “No Entry” Road Signs - Fast Delivery

No entry road signs are essential for keeping certain stretches of roads private and for maintaining a proper flow of traffic. Ensuring that roads and traffic entry points are well labelled is extremely important for maintaining the safety of everyone using your road, drive or parking lot, and it is important in protecting your own liability for any accidents that might occur.

We have a wide range of no entry traffic signs that can be used in indoor environments such as parking garages, along with outdoor environments such as construction sites, parking lots and roads. Browse through our full range to find the right products for your worksite.

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Types of No Entry Road Signs

We offer a full range of no entry traffic signs to ensure that, regardless of the situation’s needs, we will have you covered. Below are a few of the different kinds of no entry traffic signs that we offer:

  • No Entry Construction Sign – these signs are perfect for informing employees, visitors and sub-contractors which areas are off limits and cannot be entered. These signs are also highly versatile and can be mounted on stanchion sign holders, fences or walls to accommodate the specific safety needs of your construction site.

  • No Entry Sign in car park – our no entry signs made specifically for car parks are conveniently double-sided so that the No Entry symbol is displaced to both sides of the road. They can also be used for both indoor and outdoor carparks and they fit easily into wall brackets. We also offer customisation services for your car park signs, allowing you to make the perfect signs for the particular needs of your car park or parking lot.

  • No Entry Stencil – one easy and cost-effective way to direct traffic is through our reusable no entry stencils. These easy-to-use stencils are made from durable polypropylene and can be reused multiple times for both indoor and outdoor areas.

  • No Entry Temporary Warning Sign Post – if you need to temporarily prevent motorists from entering a specific area, our no entry sign posts are ideal. These signposts can be easily placed in an area to prevent traffic and are both brightly coloured and reflective to ensure that they are highly visible.

  • No Unauthorised Vehicles Beyond This Point – ensuring that only authorised vehicles enter a certain worksite is important not only for security but also for health and safety. Our signs meet BS EN 12899-1:2007 standards and can be easily mounted to a wall or post for optimal visibility.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where should no entry road signs be placed?

When assessing where to place your road sign for no entry lanes, it is important to consider the points and areas where motorists may want to enter a road or drive. No entry traffic signs should be installed in a place that is easily visible for motorists and cyclists who might otherwise consider using the road. If you are installing a no entry construction sign, it is important to also consider the particular needs of the worksite and install the signs in a clearly visible place.

If the sign is placed in an area that is not well lit at night, you should consider installing a highly reflective sign such as our No Entry – Class 1 Reflective Sign. This will ensure that drivers see the sign, even when it is dark out. It is also important to maintain the signs, especially if they are installed in an outdoor environment and subject to adverse weather conditions. You may need to clean the signs to ensure that they are remain visible and trim away vegetation.

What are no entry traffic signs made of?

Our no entry traffic signs come in a variety of materials to ensure that you are able to find the right fit for your parking garage or worksite. Some of these materials include:

  • Aluminium and Extra Tough Aluminium

  • Plastic and Rigid Plastic

  • Fluted Polypropylene

  • Removeable, Repositionable Vinyl

  • Zintec Sheet Steel

  • Polycarbonate

What are the laws for no entry traffic signs?

When placing no entry traffic signs, it is important to consider the safety of everyone who enters the road, parking lot or worksite, and to refer to the HSE guidelines on traffic signs if you are unsure about when to use no entry signs.

For construction sites and other worksites, it is important to follow the HSE guidelines on maintaining a safe workplace, including through the use of signage and risk communication. The HSE guidelines explain how to perform a proper risk assessment and how to communicate these risks to all site employees and visitors.