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Catering First Aid Kits

Need help? Need help? What first aid kit options are best for catering? Looking for Great Value Catering First Aid Kits?

A well-stocked first aid kit is essential for any catering business, as being short of vital equipment in case of emergencies and accidents can result in a harrowing experience for everyone involved. We have a unique catalogue of first aid products that will enable you to attend to injuries in places where food is prepared. These products aim to educate individuals and give them the means to administer first aid promptly. They can also act as a central hub for first aid products and are designed to give warning when the stock is low and can be refilled quickly and easily.

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Our range of first aid kits for the food industry

We have a range of first aid kits designed specifically for catering, with each providing convenient easily applicable contents, such as blue plasters and dressings. The British Standard Catering Kit complies with the latest BS 8599-1 legislation, which ensures that staff in kitchens and workplaces that handle food will be able to administer adequate first aid procedures. This kit is a comprehensive offering that includes gloves, wipes, bandages and plasters. It is easy to mount the kit to the wall via an integrated bracket. Furthermore, this product is waterproof and dustproof, making it a robust and easy-to-handle solution in any situation.

Our First Aid Catering Stations are also suited to a variety of working environments and are ideal for setting up a centralised and well-stocked point for emergencies and accidents. Like all our first aid products, it features BS-compliant catering kits that will treat a wide range of injuries. Eye wash bottles, guidelines and the built-in mirror are also great for dealing with common eye complaints, while an additional first aid kit features specialist equipment for the treatment of burns. We also supply unstocked stations that can be refilled.

The Catering First Aid Combination Kit is a multi-faceted solution that comes in one convenient bundle and features a substantial number of food gloves, plasters and finger buddies plus other essential products, and again meets the required British Standards. This kit is the complete all-in-one first aid solution for food-based environments.

If you are seeking to educate employees or other individuals about the basics of first aid, look at our First Aid Guidance Leaflet, which features simple and intuitive advice and acts as reference material in busy working environments. This leaflet outlines what to do in the case of an emergency, covers first aid principles and provides quick guides for dealing with a range of injuries, such as bone breaks and bleeding. It also includes a section on CPR so that individuals can learn how to administer it quickly and efficiently. This leaflet is compulsory in workplaces where first aid kits are present; ensure your compliance by placing this next to any catering first aid equipment.

Running low on important first aid equipment is a common occurrence in kitchens, workplaces and public buildings, so make sure to stock up with one of our First Aid Catering Station Refills. These kits all come with an A4 accident book which is a legal requirement in many workplaces . They also include a choice of three different sizes of the BurnSoothe Burns Kit, plus the addition of two bottles of high-quality eye wash. These products complement each other and can be used in tandem for a robust first aid catering solution.

Frequently asked questions

What should be in a catering first aid kit?

You may be wondering what should be in a commercial kitchen first aid kit. Kitchens are highly hazardous places that present health risks and hazards for lacerations, burns and other accidents. Seton has a full range of commercial kitchen first aid kits that meet the British Standard (BS 8599-1) to help you answer the question: what do you need in a kitchen first aid kit?

Catering First Aid Kit contents typically include:

  • Wound dressings of a variety of sizes and application types

  • Nitrile gloves, cleaning wipes, a foil blanket and shears

  • Guidance leaflet for reference and reporting booklet

  • Bandages, plasters and medical tape

  • Eye wash materials

  • Burn first aid materials such as burn-specific gels, dressings and bandages

It is important to maintain a catering first aid kit checklist. When first aid materials have been used, you should update the kitchen first aid kit list and, when needed, you can restock the materials as required. Seton has a full range of refills for kitchen first aid kit contents, including Catering Station Refills and compact Catering First Aid Kit Refills.

What does the law say?

As always with first aid kits, including catering first aid kits, it is important to refer to the HSE’s guidelines for preparing and maintaining first aid kits for the workplace. Kitchens can be dangerous areas, with a high level of risk and health hazard. Fully stocked, proper first aid kits are essential to ensure employee protection and provide for employer liability.

The HSE guidelines will answer your questions, such as: what should a kitchen first aid kit contain? Referring to these guidelines and kitchen first aid kit requirements will help you to develop a kitchen first aid kit checklist and kitchen first aid kit contents list.

Where should first aid kits for kitchens be kept?

A first aid kit in kitchen environments should be kept in an easily accessible location, and all staff should know where the kitchen first aid kits are kept. Our first aid kits can be easily mounted to the wall, stowed in an accessible location or, in the case of our kitchen burns first aid kit, can be conveniently stowed in cramped conditions.

A number of the kits Seton offers contain instructional signs, or attention-grabbing signs, that show staff where the kits are kept and provide basic instruction on their use. Seton also offers first aid catering stations, both stocked and unstocked, so you can setup and maintain highly visible and organised kitchen first aid stations.