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Transporting valuable objects, including keys, cash and sensitive documents, can make them vulnerable to theft, often leaving no evidence that the valuables were even in the container in the first place. You may have no idea at what point in their transportation they went missing. Secure bags are an effective method of protecting valuables.

The responsibility of managing the transportation of valuables, whether they belong to you or clients, is a serious one. Failure to do so securely can result in a loss of confidence from potential customers. Secure bags are an effective measure to protect valuables and demonstrate your commitment to security.

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Security Bags: Buying Guide

It is for the best if valuables and money are stored in a secure location, but there are many occasions when it is necessary to transport them, including when documents need to be taken to another business or cash needs to be transported to or from the bank. The variety of secure bags available in our range of secure storage will help keep these items safe during the transportation process, providing evidence that the contents have not been tampered with along the way.

An effective way of handling cash securely

Developing an effective security strategy is a priority for any business, no matter how big or small it may be. It is likely to be an ongoing process as businesses grow and develop, and for many companies, the responsibility can be a daunting one. We pride ourselves on our extensive range of security equipment including padlocks and key cabinets, which allows our customers to create good security systems no matter what area of work they are in.

We are aware of the many different needs that businesses have, so we offer a comprehensive selection of secure bags that will be suitable for a range of valuables. These include key wallets and bags suitable for items such as cash, receipts and documents.

A simple solution for ensuring the secure transit of valuable items

The materials used in our secure bags are tough and, in some instances, fire retardant. Most of the secure bags in Seton’s product range are reusable and make a worthwhile investment. Over time, the use of reusable bags will prove to be a considerable financial saving. It also results in less waste and is beneficial to the environment. Within the range of secure bags are tamper-evident seals that can be used with them. These come in large packs, so you always have a good supply at hand, ready for when they are required. They can be customised with a seven-digit number for added security.

The security of money and valuables is always a concern for companies, and it is a necessity that they must always be protected. Our range of safes and lockable cabinets are ideal for keeping valuables and documents secure while they are on your premises.

The use of secure bags for the safe transportation of valuables and money is an effective way to demonstrate your commitment to security and is likely to impress potential clients. It will also provide you with peace of mind, knowing that you have done everything that you can to avoid the theft of valuables during transportation. Secure bags make an excellent addition to your security measures.