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Plaster Dispensers

Wall-mountable plaster dispensers make finding and applying first aid incredibly easy, eliminating the usual frustrations of rummaging through drawers and kits to find the essentials following an accident. Our extensive range of plaster dispensers make safe treatment easy, with well-built and flexible products that get the basics done fast. Slips, trips and falls often lead to cuts and grazes that require attention immediately, and our range of plaster dispensers ensure aid is always in a convenient and hygienic location. These dispensers are also refillable, so you can always be sure that you have the products you need when you need them.

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Plaster dispensers form an important part of a basic first aid setup as they offer easy storage and access and reduce the risks of pilferage in workplaces, hospitals and other public locations. Having the necessary first aid at hand following an accident is vital, and our range of dispensers complement our catalogue of plasters and dressings products.

The QuickFix Plaster Dispenser is an excellent product for anyone requiring a robust, safe and intuitive solution for dispensing plasters. Its vibrant colour scheme makes it immediately visible to anyone in an emergency, and you can wall mount it in any location where the need is the greatest. The QuickFix dispenser comes with 90 plasters as standard, but you can refill it with the QuickFix Plaster Refills, which are available in three types of plaster. All the plasters are comfortable, making them ideal for patching up injuries after an accident.

Each of the plasters in the QuickFix dispenser is packed away in the body of the product to aid hygiene, and they are all dispensed individually. A metal track running along the bottom of the product also makes it easy to see how many plasters are remaining and determine if a refill is required. The dispensers also have a small shelf for storing small objects, and potential theft is reduced by the addition of a lock and key. This dispenser has everything you need, and users simply have to pull the plaster and apply to the wound, which takes just a few seconds.

While the QuickFix dispenser is the most feature-rich dispenser available, the Dependaplast Plaster Dispenser offers a simple and intuitive solution for those requiring a more basic setup. You can mount the dispenser on the wall and the clear view allows for the easy identification of plaster types. It is possible to load two different types of plasters, with two sizes for each, which you can purchase from our vast range of plasters in the First Aid Supplies section of our website.

The Dependaplast lives up to its name as it is a robust and dependable solution that is perfect for a wide range of work, sport and home environments. The detectable plasters that you can place in this product are ideally suited for catering environments, but you can tailor it for use depending on the plasters required. The plaster dispensers are just a small part of our extensive first aid supplies, and they should be used alongside other essentials, such as antiseptic wipes and dressings.

Plasters can make all the difference in the aftermath of an emergency and are one of the most basic needs for administering first aid correctly, so make sure you have a visible and dependable solution at hand.