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Sports First Aid Kits

Need help? Need help? Find the perfect kit for your school or sports team Treating injured athletes at the scene of an accident can make all the difference for sports teams, ensuring minor ailments don’t develop into serious medical issues. Having the right tools at your disposal to treat sports injuries is therefore essential. We have a catalogue of sports first aid kits tailored for different environments and situations, from the football-focused and FA-approved kit to the compact and family friendly Sports First Aid Kit. These kits are stocked with essential first aid items that will allow you to provide pitch-side assistance easily. With these products, you will be assured that ailments can be treated quickly and efficiently. Have a look at our product range.

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Selecting A Sports Medical Bag

Our range of sports first aid kits are designed to patch up athletes so that they can get the back to the game as soon as possible, but they also feature items for other emergencies and serious accidents. The Large Sports First Aid Kit is an extensive offering, with 91 items for treating sporting injuries and ailments. A robust and discernible bag is of utmost importance in outdoor conditions, which is why we offer a product with high-visibility strips and waterproof fabric to ensure you are provided with a kit that is easy to locate and use at any time of day. This product also has a shoulder strap and comfortable handles, which makes it convenient for physios and other individuals who are required to run onto the field of play quickly to attend to injuries.

Football is the most popular sport in the UK, so you may need the bespoke Football First Aid Kit to be able to attend to all injuries on site. This kit is a comprehensive first aid solution with a staggering range of contents — from washproof plasters to a classic Instant Ice Pack and a Resuscitation Device for more serious injuries. The FA-approved kit includes a water and rip-resistant holdall style bag that is easy to clean and features short handles for easy manoeuvrability. It also possesses customisable compartments for simple access. While this product is designed for football, it is also ideal for a range of other sports, including rugby, cricket, netball, and covers all sporting first aid requirements.

Those desiring a general use sports first aid kit should look no further than the Sports and Outdoor First Aid Kit. Outdoor injuries can be wide-ranging in their type and severity, so a jack-of-all-trades solution is often required for effective treatment in a pinch. This kit is ideal for school trips and sports matches and contains all the necessary items for effective first aid. Like many other bags in our sporting range, it has adjustable dividers and several external and internal pockets to increase capacity so that you can tailor your first aid stock choice to your particular needs.

The Sports First Aid Kit is our most compact solution and is well suited for sports teams, family activities, camping and hiking. This waterproof satchel is designed to hold a number of necessary items, such as cleansing wipes, plasters and even a foil blanket to keep injured individuals warm. The kit is well matched with the First Aid Guidance Leaflet, which offers advice and instructions to the uninitiated about important first aid subjects.

Physiotherapists usually need a solution that goes above and beyond the basics, and the SteroSport Complete Medical Case does just that, with its comprehensive range of products housed within a durable bag.