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Need help? Need help? How do litter signs keep the workplace safe? Need Litter Signs? UK's Best Range of Easy-Fit Signage

Keeping the workplace clean, tidy and free of litter is not always easy. However, with the help of this range of Litter Signs that feature straightforward messages, you can remind workers and visitors to dispose of their rubbish properly.

Not only does having a litter-free workplace look better, but there are significant safety hazards that can occur as a result of rubbish be left in the wrong place. Our signs are available in a range of material and fixing options that will help you to remind your workforce to keep each other safe.

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Straightforward Messages

No wasted words - Whether you have a workforce of one or one thousand, reinforcing the rules of the premises is best achieved by having signage that features a clear, simple message. By removing uncertainty using highly visible text and simple wording you can ensure that your instructions are followed.

Simple messages such as the one featured on our ‘Place All Rubbish In Bins Provided’ Signs can be very effective in keeping a work environment tidy. The straightforward text, backed up by the familiar image of a person placing rubbish in a waste bin, can be all that is required to make a staff member think twice before leaving litter where it does not belong.

A notice that people will notice - Our ‘Don’t Leave Rubbish/Help Keep A Tidy Site’ Multi-Message Sign features two separate messages on one sign that work together to both prohibit littering and to reinforce a message of cleanliness. It features the widely-recognised red circle with a line through it, symbolising an action that should not be taken. With its bright red and blue colouring it’s sure to be easily noticed by your team.

These simple messages are very clear and are perfect for use in offices, but also great for construction sites, warehouses and factories where Safety Signs are very important.

A Safer Workplace

Serious risks - Litter, clutter and debris around a workplace is a cause for serious concern as it can lead to a multitude of accidents and safety implications. Not only can poor housekeeping cause slips, trips and falls but it can also block crucial emergency exits and even pose a fire risk itself.

Using Litter Signs in conjunction with regular training can help to alleviate fears of these types of accidents occurring on your premises. Our ‘Put All Rubbish And Packaging In The Skips Provided’ Signs are a great way to remind workers not to leave boxes, bubble wrap and other packaging lying around.

Our ‘All Rubbish to be Left in Skips or Bins/Not Left On Site’ Construction Signs are designed for use on construction sites but can work well in other work areas, ideally placed near skips or by warehouse doors.

These Litter Signs are available as singles or as multiples and are best used as part of a wider safety program that includes both Indoor Bins and Outdoor Bins.

Materials and Fixings

Our range of Litter Signs are available in a wide range of durable materials. With options available for both indoor and outdoor use, as well some made from more resistant materials, you are sure to find an option to meet your workplace requirements.

By using our range of quality Sign Fixings, you can easily place your signs exactly where you need them to be seen. Though usually placed on walls, we have options that will allow you to position your signs on any surface including machinery, abrasive surfaces and even hanging from the ceiling, ensuring that your signs are displayed prominently for years to come.

Custom options available - If for any reason our range does not include the exact sign you are looking for, why not consider having a custom sign created. Our Custom Safety Sign service gives you the option of having any message, image, logo or symbol you require placed on your own sign.