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Safety Tags

Need help? Need help? Discover the importance of safety tags Using an effective lockout procedure to prevent machinery and electrical equipment being used by unauthorised personnel or in the event of a fault can help to avert accidents. Use safety tags in conjunction with lockout devices to provide information on the reason why the machinery or equipment is not in use, making sure that the lockout is more visible than the device alone can achieve.

Maintaining good safety standards in the workplace is the employer’s responsibility, and accident prevention is a vital part of that. We stock a wide range of workplace safety products, including safety tags, to make sure you have everything required to make your workplace safe.

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Essential Lockout Safety Tags

In any kind of work site, there are times when equipment needs to be locked out because of a fault or simply to prevent use by unauthorised personnel or members of the public while maintenance is ongoing. Using safety tags makes the lockout even more apparent even from a distance and can also provide further information and warnings to increase safety. Use of unsafe equipment by people who have not received the proper training is likely to be a danger and cause accidents, and our safety tags can help you to avoid this.

The safety tags in our range have bold, eye-catching designs that can be identified clearly from a distance. Some feature pictograms, prohibition signs and warning triangles to ensure that the nature of the hazard can be understood easily. Some also contain more detailed information or provide a space to add your own details about the lockout. Take a look at our range of stationery for pens suitable to write on these signs.

The safety tags are made from robust materials, including plastic, vinyl and polycarbonate, which can withstand challenging industrial conditions, with many suitable for outdoor use, extremes of temperature, and resistant to oils and chemicals. Our range of safety tags covers a wide variety of lockout situations. These include energy source tags and ladder guards as well as signs with more generic wording, which can be used in a number of situations.

Keeping your tags well-ordered and easily available to those who need them is also important, and the range of safety tags also includes some items for holding and organising the tags. The safety tags have a range of options for attachment, the most common being the use of cable ties. Some are self-adhesive, while others have holes prepared where padlocks or hasps can be attached, using a specialised safety padlock adds both security and lowers the risk of work place accidents when applying lockout devices to machinery, we have a range of non-conductive padlocks for precisely this purpose. Our range of sign fixings provides a number of options for attaching signs.

A Variety of Lockout Tag Options

Safety tags are an important component of your lockout-tagout strategy. But they aren’t the only tag you will want to consider, specialised inspection tags can be indispensible in the lockout process, providing information on the status of machinery and the dates needed for further maintenance. We stock a large range of lockout kits. With these you will have a large range of lockout equipment at your disposal all in a convenient kit, we provide many types that will cover a wide amount of machinery, these include electrical lockout kits and valve lockout kits. Use these in conjunction with the safety tags and you can be confident that you have made your equipment as secure as possible.

Providing clear warnings with safety tags will enhance your lockout procedures and increase the safety of your workplace. This will lead to a more efficient, productive atmosphere for all and give you the peace of mind of knowing that you have complied with the safety laws.