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Photoluminescent Fire Equipment Signs

Need help? Need help? Preventing the incorrect use of fire fighting equipment Top-Quality Photoluminescent Fire Equipment Signs

In the event of a fire, being able to locate the correct fire fighting equipment is paramount. Fire equipment signs should always accompany the devices themselves, so that they can be operated efficiently and effectively in an emergency. They can be used to clearly mark the location of fire extinguishers, fire blankets and other vital items, while also providing clear and concise instructions for their correct use. These photoluminescent fire signs, such as the glow in the dark fire extinguisher signs and photoluminescent fire action signs remain visible and legible even in the event of a power failure or vision-obscuring levels of smoke. All our user-rated photoluminescent fire equipment signs are reliable methods of making sure lifesaving equipment can be quickly and safely located when most urgently needed.

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Fight Fire Safely

During an emergency, those present must make a quick decision on whether a fire can be addressed immediately or whether they should be evacuating the building and contacting the fire brigade. Even when fire safety equipment is available, circumstances might render them unsafe to use. Thorough fire training and risk assessment awareness are vital for the safety of your workforce, clients, visitors, and general public. Take a look at our fire risk assessment checklist as guidance to see what actions you may need to take to ensure you are carrying out all the necessary precautions.
Our fire call point signs and fire blanket signs are paramount when it comes to protecting people from a potential fire, as the information they provide will contribute towards a safer way of evacuating and identifying in an emergency. In addition, Photoluminescent fire exit signs are just as vital as our fire equipment range as they have a strong place when it comes to the safety of the building.

Personal safety should always come before tackling the blaze, and no individual should be expected to put themselves at increased personal risk in order to attempt to put out the fire making our photoluminescent fire exit signs just as important to have around your business. However, if it is safe to counteract the fire with safety equipment, adequate signage identifying where it is and how to use it will help an individual to make the right decisions quickly. Fire hoses, hydrants, extinguishers, and blankets are all examples of equipment that allow users to control or put out blazes to try and ensure the safety of others.

Fire equipment signs are invaluable because they draw attention to the location of essential fire fighting equipment and detail how each device should be used. Having the correct fire equipment signs in the right location is a necessary part of complying with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.

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Preventing the Misuse of Fire Safety Equipment

If it is an option to fight the fire before the fire brigade arrives, then the correct equipment needs to be located and utilised quickly. Photoluminescent fire equipment signs should be applied by clearly marking the location of each extinguisher as well as detailing exactly what kind of fire extinguisher it is.

There are several different varieties of fire extinguisher designed to be used with certain types of fire. Using the wrong type of extinguisher could in fact worsen the situation. It is therefore crucial to know what type of extinguisher you are handling and what class of fire it should be used on. Look through our fire extinguisher guide to find out the best type of fire extinguisher for different fire emergencies.

Correct photoluminescent fire extinguisher signs that are properly installed will help to avoid loss of life, serious injury, and damage to your property. They are also core components of mandatory legal health and safety standards. Describing the type of extinguisher is a very important feature, such as the Nite-Glo foam fire extinguisher sign, as this information is not always apparent, especially in an emergency situation. Clear labels and instructions will help prevent the misuse of fire safety equipment. It is therefore imperative that this information is understood and able to be utilised at all times, to reduce the chance of putting others at risk.

Photoluminescent signs should clearly mark out the location of the appropriate fire fighting equipment while indicating its correct use. In particular these have the advantage of being visible during a power failure or even through thick smoke, so that employees and visitors can always locate the required fire equipment, should they feel it’s safe to do so. Photoluminescent fire exit signs should be used alongside proper fire safety training to provide optimum safety to your workforce.

Choosing the right signage for your business is vital, as the way in which the signs are displayed can have potentially detrimental effects. The correct signage is even more important when the range is so large. Check out our photoluminescent page dedicated to helping you learn everything there is to know about our signs and the safety way guidance systems so you can choose the best products for you.