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Sharps Disposal

Need help? Need help? See how we can help you contain dangerous sharps After you’ve completed a health and safety assessment of your workplace, you may have decided that safe sharps disposal is necessary in order to maintain the health and safety of your workers. This could be for any number of reasons, but most often is due to the type of instruments and equipment regularly used in the workplace. Whether you work in an environment that is deemed high risk for sharps disposal or you simply want to have all eventualities covered, we have the sharps disposal kits that will allow you to get rid of any dangerous sharps waste and keep you and your employees safe.

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Choosing Equipment For Disposal Of Sharps

Even if your workplace environment does not involve the frequent use of sharps, it is a good idea to furnish it with a sharps disposal kit, as they can be very useful in the disposal of broken glass. Even smaller workplaces, where sharps disposal might not seem like an immediate or frequent hazard, might want to consider a Single Application Sharps Kit. This compact kit comes with everything you need to safely and securely dispose of any sharp objects. It has a small disposal unit, a biohazard bag, a pair of gloves, plastic forceps, a cleansing wipe and disinfectant spray, all of which will aid you in the safe removal and disposal of any hazardous sharps.

For something a little more comprehensive, the Sharps Disposal Kit allows for the treatment of up to five sharps incidents and comes in a durable hard carry case that can be fitted to the wall for secure and obvious storage, as well as easy access when needed. The safety clips protect the contents from water and dust, so even if the kit is not in use for long periods it can still safely dispose of sharps when the time comes to do so. The carry case also means the kit can be used while on the move should this be required.

When it comes to biohazard and bodily fluid equipment, we have a great range of choices for both disposal and clean up, including sharps bins and clinical waste containers, which might also be useful to you if you are considering sharps disposal kits. The Combination Clean Up Kit merges both these needs for clean up and disposal, with everything you might need to clean up after three body fluid spillages and two sharps disposals. This kit would be a great investment for mid-sized, non-hazardous workplaces where body fluid spillages and sharps disposal are possible, but not necessarily all that likely. In this way, you will be prepared for the eventuality of a spillage or sharps disposal and be able to deal with the event in the necessary and safe manner that not only follows regulations, but also ensures the health and safety of all involved.

It has been noted that where sharps are present in the workplace, injuries and accidents most commonly occur not while they are in use, but in the process of disposing and transporting them. This is why having proper sharps disposal protocols in place is so important, and why investing in one of our excellent sharps disposal kits that provide you with everything you might need to dispose of sharps safely and securely is such a good idea.