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Food Safety Posters

Teaching about and promoting correct food safety practices is an important element of complying with the health and safety regulations that apply to areas where food is stored, prepared and served. Using food safety posters to communicate requirements ensures that employees and visitors comply with the relevant regulations. Posters act as a constant reminder for workers, as well as serving as an easily accessible reference in the event that a query is raised. Food safety posters can be used to outline best practice in a number of areas of catering, from storage and preparation to cooking and cleaning.

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Food Hygiene Posters: Buying Guide

For any business or organisation involved in the preparation of food, health and safety practices are of paramount importance. Implementing food safety practices and ensuring they are followed by everyone within a food preparation space is a critical part of being a responsible manager or business owner, and food safety posters are an important part of that process.

Posters promoting food safety practices are a great way to continuously communicate food safety policy within food preparation spaces and to provide well-placed reminders of expected behaviour to staff and visitors.

Our selection of food safety posters has been designed to be easily and continuously displayed within food prep areas, communicating important health and safety messages through words and pictures, to ensure that everyone gets the message at all times. Choose from our range of landscape or portrait food safety posters, with designs and messages that outline a range of expected practices.

Our food preparation and storage posters help to convey messages about the various stages of food preparation, promoting practices that help to prevent cross-contamination during the storage and preparation processes, as well as offering important reminders about the treatment of frozen food, defrosting and cooking from frozen.

Our kitchen hygiene posters are a great way to remind staff and visitors about the importance of hand hygiene and expected hand washing practice within areas where food is handled, and can provide a helpful and easy-to-read reference for the dos and don’ts of hygiene practice in the kitchen.

Food safety posters can be used to outline the expected practice for waste storage and disposal, to ensure that waste management within food areas complies with all the relevant health and safety legislation. Business owners and managers may wish to combine these with the use of recycling signs to help limit the amount of waste that is sent to landfill.

Our range of posters includes designs with visual and verbal instruction on practices such as cleaning and disinfecting areas where food is stored, prepared and served, and can even be used to offer important guidance on issues such as pest control and prevention, as well as providing information on safe equipment maintenance.

We offer a selection of information signs and safety signs for use within spaces where food is stored, handled, prepared and served – including hand sanitizer and hand washing signs, which can be used to promote good hand hygiene.

We also offer a great selection of poster fixings and sign fixings, which can help to ensure that food safety posters and information signs are securely fixed in place and visible at all times, making sure that important health and safety messages are not missed by workers, customers and visitors.