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Need help? Need help? Why size matters when you're keeping cool It is possible to maintain a comfortable work environment by using fans or air conditioning. When workplaces become stifling, air movement gives a cooling effect, freshening the office environment. There are fans and air-cooling equipment suitable for use in any space; whether it is a powerful industrial fan or a personal desk fan, this range of appliances serve a wide variety of uses. When it comes to cooling down the air in the workplace, a simple water technology air-cooler may be the answer or a more sophisticated air conditioner, which expels warm air as well as delivering cooled air, may be required.

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Effective Temperature Control at Work

To keep a modest space calm and cool on a hot day, all you may need is an uncomplicated device such as the Sealy 4" Desk Fan, with just one speed and a pivot function; this is a simple way to circulate air and keep your space fresh. There are other desk options of increasing complexity, such as the classic white fan, in a stand or clip-on version. Perhaps a clip fan is best suited to a shelf above the workstation so that it does not hinder operations. Among these relatively low-wattage fans, the innovative slim-line tower fan will unobtrusively improve airflow. This sleek fan is even fitted with a timer.

Moving on to more advanced fans, a larger tower-fan counterpart, the Sealy 42" remote control tower fan, combines more power with a longer timer and you can control three different speeds from a distance. If remote control is what you are looking for, a practical fan for use in larger environments is the Sealy wall-mounted version, which has, even more, speed variation as well as a built-in timer. Remember that your efforts to improve a hot, sticky environment will prove fruitless if the sun is beating in where blinds or a solar-control window film need to be installed.

A moveable fan is useful, and this is where a pedestal fan comes into its own. Not only can you easily change position, but it will also be height and tilt adjustable. The effects will be widely felt as it sweeps the room at elbow height. A standard pedestal fan is ideal for normal domestic or commercial use, while in some industrial or factory settings, a high-output pedestal fan will be required.

Fans are also obtainable in a drum range, built to create very effective air flow solutions. Ideal for large business and leisure areas with especially heavy-duty needs, these robust fans have differing features when it comes to speed settings and swivel capacity.

In hot summer months when the air heat is stifling, an air cooler is particularly useful. Dropping temperatures by evaporating water, the Sealy air cooler does not use a refrigerant. Airflow can be controlled by remote, and it is speed and direction adjustable, making this a wonderfully practical machine. Once the air is chilled, it is best to keep office apertures closed, whether it is via automatic doors, an adjustable door closer, or by using reminder signs that encourage people to save energy. You may want to stick a warning sign on your automatic door, which serves a second purpose as a glass-pane indicator.

Air conditioners that expel warm air outside are an excellent choice because there is a two-fold approach to cooling. Mobile air conditioners, with ducted exhaust – through a window – are popular for homes and limited office spaces, while for large commercial environments permanent air conditioning fixtures are needed. The split system air conditioning kit comes complete with digital display and a luminous night light.

The above three devices also have heating options, which means that they will be useful all year round.