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Industrial Cleaners

For larger workspaces, it is advisable to have heavy-duty floor cleaners on-site because they make the essential job faster and more efficient. If your cleaners are contract workers, the equipment will normally be stored on-site and the best way to make sure it is the right equipment is to supply it yourself. From floor scrubbers and dryers to large-scale industrial vacuum cleaners, there is a cleaning machine to suit every type of floor. They can deal with every type of dirt that settles, quickly restoring the look and cleanliness of the floor.

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Buying Industrial Cleaning Equipment

For floors with heavy foot traffic, the dust and dirt can become ground-in very quickly and you really do need a heavy-duty machine. The Numatic Twintec Floor Scrubber/Dryer is designed for deep cleaning within a short timescale. With just one pass, the machine will clean and dry the floor. It has a heavy-duty 450mm scrubbing action that helps to lift and remove dirt from the floor’s surface. This machine has a stainless steel chassis and it folds down so that it can fit into a small vehicle, making it easy to transport from one site to another. The system features a tilt deck so changing the brush is fast and easy, and there are 40 litre tanks for clean and dirty water. With a scrubbing speed of 150 revolutions per minute, the unit weighs a total of 57kg and can be easily lifted by two people. The machine comes with a variety of accessories to make the cleaning task easier and quicker.

The Numatic range includes the Hepa Microfilter Vacuum, a powerful vacuum cleaner that has advanced filtration. It is estimated the machine has 99.95% efficiency because of the effective microfilter system. The size of the unit means that awkward to reach places can be accessed easily and it is very easy to use and to change the filters. The unit comes with a variety of accessories such as stainless steel tube sets, upholstery and dusting brushes and hose/tool adapter. The vacuum cleaner has a 15-litre capacity for the dirt.

The Karcher range of cleaning machines includes the Professional Scrubber Dryer that is designed to be used on public areas. The unit is very easy to operate and it will both clean and dry the floor, making it suitable for more heavily trafficked areas. The clean and dirty water tanks hold 4 litres each. The unit has easily-removed roller brush and squeegees, so that they can be replaced when needed and there is no need for additional tools to carry out this work. The floor is left instantly dry when cleaned so there is no need for wet floor signs because there is no hazard and no health and safety issue. The scrubber dryer also features an access point to the suction hose so that it can be cleaned in a matter of minutes.

One of the main factors with cleaning equipment like this is that it should be easy to use. When you have new members of staff, it’s important to avoid having to spend a long time training them on how to use the machines. With machines such as these, it does not take long to fully master how they work.