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Valve Tags

Need help? Need help? How do Valve Tags improve workplace safety? Fast, Easy-Fit UK Approved Valve Tags - Free Delivery

Valve tags are an effective way to correctly identify valves, which is essential for maintenance and repairs. By conveying information about the valve, these hardwearing tags will help to ensure that the work of your maintenance teams is safer and more convenient.

Using the valve tags and other items our extensive range of workplace safety equipment will enable you to reduce the risk of accidents at work and help you to fully comply with health and safety regulations. Valve tags are a simple but effective method of labelling the valves at your workplace and make working with them safer for all.

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Valve Identification Tags: Buying Guide

Being able to quickly and easily identify valves will not only make routine maintenance easier but can also prevent an accident in the event of a fault when action needs to be taken swiftly. The valve tags we supply are a simple but effective way of doing this. We stock a variety of valve tags that are suitable for a range of valves.

The materials used to construct the valve tags are strong and durable, including brass, steel, nickel and zinc. They are designed to be resistant to corrosion and will cope well with tough industrial environments thanks to their ability to withstand extreme temperatures.

Our range of comprehensive valve tags includes a wide amount of stock tags, which are individually numbered and provide an easy way to start your valve tagging system. However, if you prefer to use a different technique to label your valves, we also have other suitable options. We have an easily customised range of blank tags that can be numbered or lettered using valve tag stamps or sealed with the hand sealing press which can be engraved with symbols of your choosing. Alternatively, let us do the work by selecting the customisable valve tag that can have the letters and numbers of your choice.

As well as labelling your valves with good-quality tags, you will also want to feel confident that these tags will remain attached. We also stock a selection of durable hooks and chains rated especially to operate in difficult environments. These can be used to secure the tags to the valves through a hole in the top of the valve tag.

Valve Tags as part of Your Lockout Program

We stock a large range of products that can help you to make valve safety easier and more convenient. Take a look at our range of valve lockout kits so that you can easily lockout valves in the event of a fault or during routine maintenance. As well as the convenient kit option we also provide innovative valve lockout devices which cover the entire valve wheel, preventing accidental activation once the valve pipe has been secured. You can also make sure that those responsible for maintaining the valves on your premises have everything they need to keep themselves safe by providing them with essential items from our extensive range of personal protective equipment.

Workplace safety is an area that many companies find challenging due to the number of laws that must be complied with. When purchasing products to improve your safety strategies, you can have complete peace of mind that these products are up to the task. As a leading retailer of health and safety products, we make sure that our products are of a good quality and meet the relevant safety standards. Having valve tags as part of your lockout safety procedure will prove invaluable and the simple identification information that they provide will increase the efficiency of repair and maintenance throughout your workplace.


What are valve tags?

Valve tags are a simple yet effective way of conveying essential information to those working on pipe maintenance. They also play an important role within the valve lockout tagout program, by making maintenance more efficient. Depending on what your business needs are, valve tags can be made from different materials in addition to ranging in size.

Before purchasing valve tags you must familiarise yourself with the standards that need to be met, so that upon using them, you know the correct tags to buy and how to use them correctly. These standards are to ensure that you, as a business, are compliant with the regulations of making valves and to guarantee safety for users. The most popular standards that need to be met when working with valves and taken on by many companies are from the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). The ISO has several valve standards, all focusing on different areas but one being the marking of valves and the correct way to do this to maximise safety and functionality.

We offer an extensive range of blank valve tags, allowing you to emboss or engrave them yourself with a valve tag engraving machine or hand sealing press, which we also offer. Customisable tags are available. Our custom standard stainless steel and aluminium tags offer a wide range of sizes and materials, simply build your tag on our website and we’ll do the rest.

How to read valve tags?

A colour coding system is not a requirement for your valve tagging programme however, it would make the tags a lot easier to read. There is a basic universal system that can easily be followed in all working environments:

  • Red - is for symbolising hot liquids as many know that it is also used to symbolise heat.

  • Blue - is shown for cold liquids, which is also an already known symbolisation.

  • Black and Yellow stripes - are also known to identify hazards so having this to inform others of hazardous chemicals is ideal.

As this is a basic universal system, you don’t have to follow it and can create your own that will benefit your facility. We offer custom engraved anodised aluminium tags that can be created in a range of colours so that you can have a complete system designed for your business.
You could then use a valve tag chart to inform your staff of the different valve tags within your pipeline system and what each of them mean.

How do valve tags improve workplace safety?

Valve tags are a simple way to improve workplace safety, they also offer great value at super-affordable prices. Every year, many pipeline accidents happen resulting in major consequences for the surrounding areas and workers. The cause behind these accidents are unmarked valves; members of staff opening valves that are either incorrectly marked or unmarked completely. Having valve tags on all pipelines prevents these devastating accidents by informing the staff of what will be within the pipes.