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Need help? Need help? How can poster & snap frames improve safety? At Seton, we have different snap frames available for varying display purposes – for example, in a smart hospitality setting, for outdoors, or on a wall at a factory or school. A sturdy, clear cover will protect your poster or picture from getting damaged or dirty. These handy types of frames are simple to fill or to empty, making them especially useful when the notice needs to be changed from time to time. Ranging from sturdy weather-proof units to a simple magnetic clamp, snap frames come in a wide variety of versions, including securely lockable or vandal-resistant models.

For more information see our buying guide below.

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Information Display Frames: Buying Guide

Indoors, there are many occasions when it is necessary to display informative or warning notices, which reinforce the knowledge that employees have gained in training. A reminder of protocols and safety information is always to be desired, and in many cases, required by law. We have a vast array of posters available which display information ranging from health and safety and first aid, to industrial and electrical safety, what better way to mount them neatly than in a snap frame?

Some frames are made specifically to be watertight and are well suited to tough outdoor conditions. Good examples are the weatherproof “chrome corner,” “ultimate” and “exterior” models. Like some showcases, these can be opened up to change the contents. If it is a permanent, durable sign that you are looking for, you could alternatively install a rigid plastic or polycarbonate sign, or custom-design one for your school or workplace.

Choosing the position so that the framed chart will be conspicuous is important – mount it on a prominent wall, or even a door. For a stylish display, an unassuming satin chrome finish will do the trick, but you may want to attract attention or brighten up the vicinity by using a vibrant colour. If contrasted with the background surface, a vivid frame draws the eye effectively.

When it comes to other mountings, a self-adhesive frame such as the magnetic wall frame is an economical choice, and is readily applied to smooth surfaces such as glass or tiles. Changing the contents is simple, as the front panel of the frame opens easily and then magnetically seals, holding the document firmly in place. At the other end of the scale, the “ultimate magnetic case” comes in larger sizes, is hard-wearing and waterproof and features a magnetic back-panel to hold various media types.

If you need to regularly change the information within, wall mounted easy access pockets are an attractive way to display the notice. Simply slot a sheet into the clear acrylic sleeve. The satin chrome stand-off supports lend a classy look to the frame. An extra pocket added to the outside of a frame is sometimes useful, for pamphlets on offer, for instance, instead of resorting to an additional dispensing rack or holder.

Free-standing frames are versatile, and allow the user to place a poster in the best spot to be noticed. In a foyer or at a function, notices may be placed in an A-frame, whereas on a pavement, the sign holder should withstand both wind and rain. You will need to consider the manoeuvrability of the sign, yet it should be secure enough not to fall over in windy conditions. The base of a springy poster snap frame is both steady and moveable because it has wheels and can be filled with water or sand, which will keep it weighed down. It can flex about in blustery weather, which makes it not only more stable but also tends to draw more attention.

Snap frames can be subject to vandalism because they are easy to open. To overcome this, there are various secure designs: key-opening, tamper-proof lever-opening, or Allen key opening styles. Rest assured that the plastic tamper-proof lever supplied will not scratch your frame and it can be replaced if it is lost.