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Tallies & Timers

Keeping accurate measurements of numbers and timings is necessary for the smooth running of a business and can help improve a variety of areas from safety to finance. Tallies and timers are simple but useful tools which can help in the monitoring of standards in your business. Keeping track of times and numbers is important for maintaining high safety standards, and failing to keep the standards high could see you in breach of health and safety laws. The timers, tallies and other products in the range at Seton are designed to help you keep your safety measures effective.

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Choosing Timing Devices

Measurements and record keeping are part of running a company and keeping track of time and numbers of everything from people to stock is part of this. It will help in the smooth running of the business, allowing you to see which tasks are taking up time and showing ways of improving efficiency. Seton has a range of tallies and timers i for use in your business.

Tallies are a simple way of monitoring the numbers involved in your business. They are useful in a wide variety of sectors, from retail to warehouses, to record numbers of customers entering the premises or stock leaving it, providing vital information on how well your business is performing and highlighting occasions when it can be improved.

Additionally, measuring time and numbers can help maintain high safety standards on your premises. Keeping count of numbers of people can, for example, prevent overcrowding, while counting of objects will prevent over loading. Tallies and timers are simple, economic tools, but they can prove invaluable to a company as they enhance performance, efficiency and safety.

Maintaining strict health and safety procedures is an ongoing and ever developing part of company management and will improve both the well-being and morale of your staff and customers. However, it is also an area which causes frequent confusion. With so many UK and EU health and safety laws, designing a comprehensive safety policy is a demanding task. At Seton, we aim to take much of confusion out of work place health and safety.

We stock a vast range of products and equipment to improve safety standards across all kinds of industries. As a leading online retailer of these products, we make sure everything in our range is checked to ensure it complies with the relevant legislation giving you complete peace of mind when you shop with us. If you have any questions on which products are right for you, give us a call, and we will be glad to help.

Providing protective equipment for all your employees is essential to avoid injuries. When carrying out risk assessments make sure you take account of the monitors using the tallies and timers. We have a large range of personal protective equipment to keep them safe if they are required to work in hazardous areas.

The tallies and timers in the range at Seton are well made and designed for long lasting use in improving the efficiency and safety of your premises. Tallies and timers are a highly cost effective method of monitoring standards at your premises. Improvements to efficiency and safety can always be made, but often these timers and tallies will give you peace of mind that everything is running as it should.