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Need help? Need help? Check out our CCTV Signs Buyers Guide Huge Range of Security & CCTV Signs with Super-fast Delivery

Businesses have many issues to contend with, but no matter what field you operate in, health & safety and security are legal requirements and should be your top priority. CCTV and security signs are an essential step in maintaining a safe and secure workplace.

As a leading provider of safety signs, Seton has a number of products that are sure to prove useful in and around your workplace. These include highly visible Security and CCTV signs, which as well as being a legal requirement in areas that have such facilities, could also work as a great deterrent to potential thieves.

If your business or workplace also has special requirements or signage needs, it is possible to quickly and easily design security signs that are unique and tailored to you and your business.

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CCTV Camera Warning Signs: Buying Guide

Security and surveillance systems, such as closed circuit television (CCTV), are used as an effective way to improve the security and safety of premises, properties and members of the public. In the workplace, surveillance may also be used to protect staff from the risk of abuse or to aid in HR concerns and allegations about serious incidents or crimes committed on site.

Legal Requirements for CCTV Signs

In the UK alone, roughly 1.85 million CCTV cameras are actively monitoring buildings, locations and worksites. This means that there is approximately one CCTV camera for every 32 UK citizens. With so many CCTV cameras monitoring so many locations and areas, it is important for the owners of CCTV cameras to observe the CCTV signs law and regulations concerning their use.

Some industry-specific sectors may require employers to carry out monitoring for legal or regulatory purposes. However, any information gathered from this activity should only ever be used for the purpose it was initially intended for. An exception to this would be if, upon reviewing the footage, other serious issues come to light or leads to the discovery of other problems. An example of this is a major breach of health and safety policies on site, such as failing to wear PPE/protective clothing in designated areas.
Business owners and individuals alike have the right to protect their premises. The use of CCTV Cameras & Alarms is an effective measure with which to do so and is common in many workplaces.

However, guidelines have been put into place for its use by the Surveillance Camera Commissioner, who recommends that those who have CCTV systems installed should make sure that they are operated in a responsible way, and to respect the privacy of others – which includes displaying signage to advise people that they are being filmed.

Security and CCTV camera signs are a great deterrent against potential incidents of theft or criminal damage. They’re also a legal requirement, in most instances, to make sure that employees and members of the public are aware they are being captured on camera. If you operate more than one camera on site then our economic pack of six signs is ideal.

Wherever possible, you should make sure that staff members, visitors, contractors and other individuals are informed about the use of surveillance. The use of appropriate signage within your premises helps get that message across perfectly, be it a clear warning sign of CCTV in operation or a sign advising that any person caught stealing or causing damage will be prosecuted as part of your on-site security measures.

Legislation states that clearly legible CCTV signs should be placed close to the cameras in operation, be visible to all members of the public, and that all cameras should be made obvious to the human eye. Privacy notices are also recommended in premises utilising surveillance systems and should be displayed and affixed to surfaces close to the cameras in use.

Custom Made CCTV Signs

Regardless of where your surveillance cameras are mounted – inside or outdoors – our wide range of CCTV signs are sure to be the perfect solution for you, including vandal-resistant versions for siting in vulnerable areas.

If you can’t find the exact orientation, material, size or message within our selection, then it is possible to customise CCTV signs to your specifications in just a few easy steps. With Seton, you can customise the following features:

  • Contact information – for custom CCTV signs that feature contact details, why not get your signs printed with the relevant details for a professional finish?

  • Hazards – if you have specific hazards such as slippery surfaces or barbed wire that you would like to prominently illustrate, the custom hazard signs are a great place to start.

  • Blank for your own specific needs – if you need to add something very specific to your CCTV warning sign, then you can add custom text with one of our customisable CCTV logo signs.


How Do I Install CCTV Signs?

There are a number of different types of CCTV warning signs, this allows you to install them anywhere you need to. Seton’s CCTV warning signs come in a variety of formats, including rigid plastic, vinyl, acrylic, anodised aluminium, polycarbonate, and fluted polypropylene. This means that they can be installed in a wide number of places.

Our vinyl signs are self-adhesive to allow for window, glass and smooth surface installation. The aluminium signs can be bolted to posts or walls and also come in reflective finishes. The range of plastic signs including fluted polycarbonate, rigid plastic, and polycarbonate are very versatile.

Where Should Security and CCTV Signs be Placed?

CCTV recording is governed by the Data Protection Act. This means that if businesses misuse their CCTV, they are liable for fines up to £500,000. With this in mind, it is important to be aware of all CCTV legislation, and also stay up to date on the future changes to CCTV legislation.

Before installing your CCTV cameras, it is important to register with the Information Commissioner’s Office as a CCTV operator. Then, according to CCTV legislation, you must install clear CCTV warning signs around your commercial property, which make it clear that the property is under video surveillance. It is important to also publish the name and contact information of someone in your company on the warning signs. This is important for individuals who wish to make a complaint or raise a query.

How Many CCTV Signs Do I Need?

While there is no specific number of CCTV warning signs that you need, it is important to place CCTV warning signs in highly visible, prominent locations both outside and inside your work site. The general rule is that more signs need to be placed in areas where it would otherwise be less obvious to people that they are being recorded by CCTV.

Every workplace has its own unique safety hazards, security concerns and protection measures. As you work to ensure the safety and security of your workplace and all of the people and things in that workplace, signs are an important element of the process. They are significant both legally and in terms of deterring potential crime, trespassing or theft.